August 14th, 2009

kali-sinful desires

Concerning My Plan For Office Domination!!!!

This morning as I lay reclining in my Pod i'm in the corner and the Boss can't see me!!!! The Boss decided to yell a comment at me (no, it wasn't get back to work you idle scrote!) "Oi Ali, guess what I watched on Living last night! I finally managed to watch Wendigo!"  this led to a moment of pure happiness from me.  At long bloody last! I mean, i've only brought her season1-3 of the sodding DVDs but I digress!  I congratulated her on viewing episode 2 at long last, when Karen W, my closest Pod Buddy suddenly piped up  "Hang on then, does that mean i've missed the first episode?"  Karen had explained to me she was going to series link the show and watch from the beginning.

This then caused a ripple effect down the Office, and from where I sat, it can only be described like watching a bunch of Mear Kats suddenly pop up!  Faces appeared over the top of Pods and cries of  "What I missed the first episode were heard!"

So Karen knowing i'm the keeper of all things Winchester in the Office (please note icon!) asked "is your Season 1 back with you?" I nodded "Right can I borrow it so I can see the first episode then?" so once again my well traveled DVDs are going on another little holiday, they'll like Karen!

So my plan to get the whole Office watching our show continues! I will not rest until i've got en all hooked!