August 28th, 2009

kali-sinful desires

Easter Bunny & Pink Fluffy Handcuffs!

So i'm having a bit of a bad day! and being the kind and generous soul that I am I thought i'd share.  The why's and wherefores matter not, but what does matter is the conversation which cheered me up immensely.  My accountant swooped in like Ruby on a Sam hunt, and politely informed me she wants my Trial Balance six working days after the month ends! excuse me a moment but this really needs to be done.. AAARRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

So as I sat whimpering in my Pod, Barbara wandered over, asked what was up, I explained and this is what followed

"Don't worry Ali it'll be fine!

"Yeah sure and I believe in the Easter Bunny as well!" I repilied from under my desk, Barbara paused and replied "Why am I thinking of Dean?" god bless her pure little heart, she meant the line from A Very Supernatural Christmas! me on the other hand..

"What?? Dean just wearing Bunny ears, and black speedoes with a cotton tail on!! I also mentally  added the amulet as well, hey its not Dean unless the amulet's there! but I would also take Jensen in said outfit!!

When Barbara and I both regained enough of our faculties to continue Barbara said,  "no, I meant the line, but if that works for you at this moment."  She then staggered back to her Pod with a glazed expression.  She came back a little later and I added helpfully "you know the Bunnies also wear cuffs!" Barbara's eyes widened "What pink fluffy ones?"  My mouth explained "no I mean like shirt cuffs" but my brain had latched onto PINK FLUFFY CUFFS and was refusing to let go.  So after both pairs of glasses had steamed up from the inside, Barbara said "Dean handcuffed to a bed in pink fluffy handcuffs!" Hell, even I hadn't made it that far! Damn i'm proud of that girl! this time last year she hadn't heard of the show, but now she has followed me down the dark side, and is my star pupil!

At this point we decided for the sake of what was left of our sanity, the subject should be laid to rest, or at the very least I should be allowed to meditate on the image of Dean dressed like a Playgirl Bunny whilst handcuffed to a bed! so what was that about a Trial Balance?