October 23rd, 2009


Friday Afternoon Madness!

Right, as I sit here severely traumatized, I feel that shouldn't suffer alone!  All of us Pod dwellers, have just received an Email concerning the Christmas party for work.  Now this is not a problem, except for a small phrase..... "Fancy Dress Optional!" this has lead to a mass logging onto to Fancy dress sites.  I suggested to Barbara she comes in her Trench coat with her "Smile an Osmond smile" badge on the lapel, she responded that I should go in my leather jacket and plaid shirt! I then raised that by saying black dress and red contact lenses, cue many puzzled looks.

Then Karen called out she had found the ultimate costume! *drum roll please* A WHOOPIE CUSHION!!!! I kid you not there was even a picture and I swear it was the larger version of the one Dean used in 5.06. then followed a conversation were the merit of purchasing said item would mean it could only be worn once! Unless you wore it around Town and would this mean and I quote here "I'd be fondled, or would that be pressed to see if I made the noise!"  So as I sit here weeping with laughter I never knew an office party could cause such amusement.