November 13th, 2009


Iz Excited!!!!!

Warning happy rambling ahead!!!! This weekend we get Sky!!! *punches air* after years of begging, sulking and pleading my mum and Steve have caved. Well actually more mum, Steve was rooting for me, so we're getting the phone and broadband too!

So this means I have a wireless router! and no bloody idea of how to work it! oh joy! and I have had an early christmas pressie, well I mugged Steve and mum fro my christmas money and I put the rest.......


and even less idea of how to deal with that! I sat starring at said Lap Top the other night, you know I must really get round to switching it on at some point!

Anyhoo if I disappear on Tuesday its because my broadband will have been switched on and i'm still struggling with technology.. hang on I just thought bugger, I need it working by Friday the next episode!!! the last before the hiatus from hell *heads desk* why do I do it to myself?