November 27th, 2009

kali-sinful desires

This Is War!

I am sad to report that today in the office a vicious and undeserved attack was launched upon our boys! Andy one of our few young men found himself stood in front of Karen W's screen as her screen saver was a spinning! and I must say its a beauty, I know because I provided the pictures! She is our Sam girl so in the spirit of a harmonious atmosphere I found some of the hottest Jared shots I could and set up the screen saver.

Now i'm a Jensen girl, I know, I hide it well, but I have to say I enjoyed the research work I put in for Karen, anyhoo I digress! Andy stood and watched the screen for several moments before declaring....

"Who is that gay? he is funny looking ain't he? whats with all the long hair? and who is the other gay with him?"

A hush fell over the office and I rose up from my pod and in my best Castiel growl "leave Jared and Jensen alone!"
Andy bless him is not one for self preservation and continued to heap insults on our beloved boys. So after the boss calmed the lynch mob down, I sat and plotted revenge!

Andy is on holiday next Friday so me, Karen and Barbara are going to make him a present! Yes Andy will be the lucky recipient of a brand new screen saver containing Jared, Jensen and Misha! so its research time! I need shirtless Jared and Jensen looking hotter than hell! I don't think there are any Misha shots, I know this because Barbara is on a mission and as yet is unsuccessful.

Andy will feel the wrath of the Fan girl when her hottie has been abused! this insult will not go unpunished! that and the fact i'm bored out of ny brain at work *G*