December 26th, 2009


Corrupting minors & when did the scouts become a terroist orgaization?

So its been an interesting week, it all started on Sunday.  Well scrub that,,it began with my Boss's daughter Nimah  borrowing her mum's copies of Supernatural!  Sue told me Nimah was doing this and I said "hang on she's a fledgling Dean girl right? for the love of God warn her about the last episode of season 3! it may result in crying, throwing things and sobbing "Oh Dean" a lot!"  Sue who I bought these for has still to get past Phantom Traveler, she hard swallowed hard and nodded.  Now that was just about 14 days ago! so last Sunday was my mum's birthday, I was just getting ready to take her out to lunch when our phone rang.

"Ali, its Nimah! you were right I cried!" so this led to me comforting a distraught 13 year (a real one, not a recycled teenager) down the phone on why was it always Dean who died? it wasn't fair and it was so sad when he said goodbye to Sam, all while Mum and Steve looked on bemused!

Then she handed the phone over to Sue and the following conversation has led me to expect to be arrested for corrupting minors.  It turns out that Nimah and most of her year at school have decide that Dean is ooooofffft! now that is translated into Hot!

Now she has started her own screen saver and I quote from my Boss...." Its got Robert Pattison on, and one of them from JLS... No I don't know which one, look its a boy band and all boy bands look the same to me! then as I sat there watching it, a picture appeared and I thought Hello that's familiar, it was Jensen, followed by several others, Ali she making her own screen saver like yours and Jensen is making a bid for domination."

So then she pleaded with me to loan her part one of season 4, as her addicted daughter was going into withdrawal and no way was she dealing with that over Christmas.  So on Monday, my part one went on holiday! and by Chirstmas Eve, Nimah had watched all 11 episodes! Damn i'm proud of that girl!  So there is another convert and now it looks like its spreading through her school as well!  How long can you get for corrupting minors? because seriously i want to see the end of this season before i'm arrested.

In other news, now I know the attempted bombing of an aircraft is serious but I can't help myself.  So after all the news reports concerning this, my mum turns to me in all seriousness and says.. "It's terrible that young man saying that Arkhala told him to do it!"  Right first of all for give the spelling, but I can't find the word in the dictionary.  Now that used to be a scouting or even a girl guide term for the troop leader! so I was stuck with the image of the scouts declaring a world wide Jamboree! dear god is nothing sacred? its bad enough with Al-qeda but now this? what next? hordes of marauding boy scouts, refusing to help old ladies cross the roads? sales of doctored cookies? nowhere is safe i'm telling you.

So after this bout of festive madness! I wish you the best for the rest of the festive season and a very happy new year?  It be I will be spending it locked up or listening to my mum mangle news items I don't know which is worse?
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