June 4th, 2010

Jensen B & W

Letting Go.

Title: Let ting Go
Word Count: 380
Summary:  As the boys hug at Jared’s wedding they are being watched. 
Rating: PG13
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: These gorgeous men are not mine, no matter how many bloody crossroads I stand at.  It’s got to the point where I’m greeted with “Oh hell, not you again!”   Neither do I own Danneel, what do I look like I want to be depressed? The woman’s gorgeous.  This is a work of fiction based firmly on my own insane imagination, no hurt intended.
Notes:  This was inspired by the picture of Jared and Jensen hugging and I have written this from Danneel’s point of view, before you all yell but she wasn’t at the wedding remember  this be fiction. 
Beta: The awesome bigj52.

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