July 31st, 2010

kali-sinful desires

In The Sunshine Of Your Smile

Title: In The Sunshine Of Your Smile
Word Count: 670
Summary: Jensen Watches Jared one Sunday morning as he plays with Harley and Sadie in the garden, and thinks about how the world sees him and how he sees him.
Pairing: J2
Warnings: None, well perhaps enough schmoop to rot teeth.
Disclaimer:  Sad to say these gorgeous men are not mine no matter how many bloody crossroads I stand at.  It’s got to the point where I’m greeted with, “Oh hell not you again.”  So in the spirit of sheer bloody mindedness I’ve set up a tent to sit patiently for the day the demon gives in and hands them over.
Notes: This is a companion piece to by Dawn’s Early Light, one comment suggested I should write one from Jensen’s pov, and here it is.  The blame for this lies entirely with me and other people should not be held accountable.  As always many thanks go tobigj52  my wonderful Beta, plus here is my poor attempt at a banner.  The picture was swiped from moondropz , with many thanks.



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