August 1st, 2010

kali-sinful desires

Thinking Of You. (1/1), PG-13, Christan Kane/ Jensen, J2.

Title: Thinking Of You.
Word Count: 1250
Summary: While singing his song for an episode of Leverage Chris thinks about the man he lost and why, and the one who he turned to.
Pairing: Chris/Jensen, Jared/Jensen.
Disclaimer:  Sadly none of these gorgeous men are mine, I’ve tried standing at the crossroads, even asking for a three for two deal,  I’m sure I’d take good care of Chris as well, but the demon said the one careful owner on my soul was invalid, so I’m still waiting.
Notes: Here is a spoiler warning, if you have not seen Leverage Season 3 episode 6, you may want to avoid this, as always many thanks go tobigj52  for her Beta work.  Also another banner attempt, so many thanks go toraloria  and provideleverage for the images used.


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