January 10th, 2011

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Home Is Where The Heart Is. (1/1), Pg-13. Dean Winchester.

Title: Home Is Where The Heart Is.
Word Count:  3508
Rating:  PG-13
Summary:  After discharging himself from Hospital Dean makes his way home.  How Dean got back to the Motel in Faith, or at least my version of it.
Pairing: None

Disclaimer:   Sadly I have to admit that the brothers Winchester do not belong to me (but seriously would it kill Kripke & Co to let me borrow Dean? Honest I’d look after him.).  These wonderful creations are the property of others, I am merely digging in their sandbox for a while.
Notes:   This is a missing scene from Faith and was inspired by this beautiful drawing by petite_madame .  I only hope that I did my inspiration justice.  As always my thanks go to bigj52  for beta’ing my tale. 




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Birthday Greetings!

I bring birthday greetings today to the awesome magser .  a lady of wit, wisdom and a great sense of humor.  I hope you've had a brilliant birthday so far with everything you could wish for.

And here's to meeting up in May at Asylum!  I'll be the one lurking in the corner as always *G*
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I've Gone And Done It!

Ok folks!  Start running now, I've signed up to the Big Bang for this year.

The panic alert will now be tested early *coughs*.....


Thank you for listening to the test.  Normal service will be resumed soon...i.e. gibbering in dark corners and whimpering *G*

So we do this for fun then?

All I'm gonna say.....poor bloody Jensen!