January 22nd, 2011

kali-sinful desires

It's Too Late!

Buggit, Millenium hand and shrimp! (with thanks to Terry Prachett for the cursing) I've done it! I've gone and bloody done it!  Yes I've signed up for spn_gen_bigbang there will now follow another short panic alarm test....


Thank you!

In other news as I sat hammering away on the other Big Bang I'm writing (Ha who needs a life?) when mum decided to be encouraging once more.

"What are you doing?"  A shiver of oh crap ran down my spine.

"I'm writing"

"I can see that, but what are you writing?"  Now being something of an idiot I responded.

"I'm writing a story." yes thank you captain obvious!

"What's the point? I mean it's not as though you will ever get anything out of it, It's not as though you will ever see your name in print. Or earn any money out of it.  So why do it."  You know in the near future I foresee the your stupid conversation coming up again!

"I'm doing it because I enjoy it and sometimes you just do things just because you like doing them like writing stories."  Not to mention the other like minded fan girls out there who enjoy breaking Jensen!

So it looks like it's time to batten down the hatches for when mum decides it's time for a little pep talk, I do so love these little acts of encouragement from mum, they so make my day.

Oh and in other...other news I've got nearly 5000 words down and still I've not introduced the main plot and Jared is no where in sight! good times.