February 2nd, 2011

kali-sinful desires

Painkiller, (1/1), PG-13. Sam & Dean Winchester.

Title: Painkiller. 
Word Count:  4165
Rating:  PG-13 (For Language)
Summary:  After a bruising hunt Dean searches for the perfect painkiller.
Pairing: None.
Disclaimer: As before I herby renounce all claims on these men, I stood at the crossroads  clutching a bag full of souls (The office staff won’t miss them) the demon said “Look for the last bloody time if I won’t give you Jared and Jensen there is no way you’re getting your hands on Sam and Dean either, now bugger off!”  These wonderful creations belong to Eric and now Sera takes care of them , I’m just beating them (Dean) up a little and I promise to put him back the way I found him.
Warnings:  None except needless violence to Dean, I know it’s a dirty job but come on, the guy is hotter than hell with bruises. 
Notes:   This was inspired by the wonderful piece of art with the same name by thruterryseyes , and the lovely lady said I could use the picture as well! So many thanks go to her for the gift that is her hurt Dean art.  As usual adoration and groveling thanks go to bigj52  my amazing beta and wonderful lady with the patience of a saint.

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