March 3rd, 2011

kali-sinful desires

Musings On A Big Bang!

Friends, Romans, flisters! lend me your ears, eyes and vast experience on writing Big Bangs.  Now not having done this before....and probably never again....I'll wait for the cheering to die downn it concerns the first drafts.

Now when they say first draft are they talking something that could be posted nearly right away, or more possibly proof you intend to complete your story.  Because if it's the case it can be very rough, (Remember according to hay1ock , my first drafts ain't in English!  Trust me she's right.) Then do I bash away just to get to the end, or do as I have been doing,  get it right and send it away to be Beta'd.  At the rate I'm going it could be next year before I'm finished! so I'm looking for advice as to which way to go, all help is gratefully received and generally viewed as words of great wisdom.

I thank you, and now follows a short test for the panic alarm...


Ah here we go again *G*

By the way anyone out there good with titles, and summaries? Frankly I suck at both!