May 2nd, 2011

Cowboy Dean

Howdy Partner! (1/1), PG-13 Jared/Jensen

Title: Howdy Partner!
Word Count:  1053
Summary: Guy, the director enjoys his crew’s reaction to Jensen when he appears on set for the first time in one particular costume. A companion piece to Save a horse ride a cowboy.
Rating: PG-13.
Pairing: Jared/Jensen.
Warnings: Once again mentions of season 6.18, what can I say?  It was the episode that just kept on giving *G*
Disclaimer: As I greeted the crossroads demon like an old friend, and offered him yet more souls and my entire DVD collection, I have to admit they still don’t belong to me, nor is any of this true.  These are just the scribblings of a demented fan girl. 
Notes: Ahh the joys of fan fiction, and what it allows us to imagine *G* Once more I offer eternal thanks and praise to my betabigj52 , who has managed to read my scribbles without running away screaming and who makes them all the better with her hard work and patience.


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