October 13th, 2011

kali-sinful desires

No Place I'd Rather Be, (1/1) PG-13, Jared/Jensen.

Title: No Place I’d Rather Be.
Word Count:  2750
Rating:  PG-13
Summary:  Jared wakes to an empty bedroom he goes to find Jensen working late, very late on his director’s notes for episode three of season seven. What starts as a simple rescue mission to drag Jensen to bed, becomes a discussion into Dean and how the fans will react to the episode.
Pairing:  Jared/Jensen.
Disclaimer:  Here be fiction folks, this isn’t real nor is it meant to reflect the relationship between the two men, whose names and faces I’m borrowing.  This is my very own little take on reality or as I like to think of it now.  The wrong trouser leg of time, where our universe and this one split apart, and this universe is bathed in a rosy pink hue. 
Warnings:  Spoilers for 7.03 and then some, oh and schmoop.
Notes:   As always many, many thanks go to the awesome bigj52, a beta without equal. A saint of a woman who doesn’t scream when she sees an email from me, threatening her with yet more of my scribbles.  Dear flisters this little piece was born from Jensen’s latest directorial endeavors, and from the reactions to the episode.  This story may never be posted elsewhere, as it deals with fandom and how we sometimes forget that behind the characters of Sam and Dean, are two very real people.  Yes I am aware of the irony of that statement, but I would be grateful if some kind souls would leave a comment or two for me, thank you.
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