October 23rd, 2011


There's a meme going round!!!!

So I spotted this meme on another journal and I thought why not!  and I'm ashamed to say I had to look the author up.  And wow, seriously....ok the man sounds so cool and how the hell did I manage that?

I write like
William Gibson

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I almost forgot after I informed teh tribe that someone wanted to publish one of my stories in a fanzine, I was heartily congratulated by them....

Mum, "What is it that Hi-Fi rubbish you like?"

Me: "Yes it was the story I spent the Summer writing, and the lady whose story inspired me, liked it enough to ask to print it."

Mum, "Ahh well I won't be reading that will I? It's not my sort of thing, but I suppose there must be other people out there who like that sort of stuff."

Steve just looked at her and then told it it was great news, I know there was a complement in there somewhere, I'll find it if kills me!  But bless she really doesn't get fandom at all.