October 25th, 2011

Jensen B & W

Meme, and I really shouldn't keep doing this!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters I've been at it again........

So there I was minding my own business looking at my friends page, when I spotted an entry by the awesomely wonderful, a_phoenixdragon.  All to do with sending her a fic prompt which I did, and I'm so looking forward to it being filled.  Then I asked if I could use the meme and she kindly pointed out the small print to the meme....and bugger I've gone and got myself ' tagged'

Now I did this because my darling muse and I are engaged in a battle to the death, I've got so many ideas bouncing around and I can't land on one, I  blame the Big Bang I did in the Summer, it fried my brain cells.  Plus I've got bloody writer's block on chapter 17 of the Fic O Doom....if you can call 5000 words writers block.  Well I'm hoping this little meme will shake the cob webs loose, and then it's away I go again!

So without further ado here is the challenge.....

The first five people to respond to this post get to post a prompt, in return, they post this challenge into their journal and write fics for whoever responds, no matter level of experience or ability.

1) szarabasjka- Dean as Michael would be awesome or some kind of JO/Dean would be great. 
Ok I wanted challenging this is a great start, it's given me a lot to ponder on.... just think of all the angst either of those could bring *rubs hands together*
2) a_phoenixdragon - Howse about...more from the bracelet Verse?! Ohh, yeah!! Ummm - Jensen has been feeling off for weeks and he wants to ask - but time and circumstances don't allow it and there is a misunderstanding between him and Jared that blows up all out of proportion...whihc only makes him more tense!  I think it's time to return to this verse, and this has given me a great plot line, this is going to be way too much fun!

3) saltandburnboysI'm still eagerly awaiting Chris' arrival after Jared beat the crap out of Jensen. It's one of my favourite J2s ever and I'd love to see how Jared and Chris handle that one. xx



Right don't be scared I don't bite....much!  Please send me prompts, J2, Supernatural, timestamps for stories I've actually completed.  Au's whatever takes your fancy even other fandoms, I promise to write something! Wow talk about going for something different, well you never know till you try right?

Lord I could regret this, possibly because all I'll get is a resounding silence, alternatively this could push my muse right over the edge and I'll never get her from under the bed ever again......Ahhh well who needs sleep right?  So come along then hit me with your best shot, and wait for the gibbering to start.