January 28th, 2013

kali-sinful desires

Show Live Journal some love!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, we are gathered here today to offer our love and support to Live Journal.   I've noticed that it's mighty quiet out there in LJ land, and as much as there are time when I want to throttle Frank our friendly goat. I feel we should post a little something just to let him know we still care, and besides if this place shuts down.  Then where the hell am I going to go?  Tumblr confusses the bejesus out of me, I waffle too much for twitter and here I can be me.

From being dingbat, batshit crazy to rare moments of contemplative calm. I'm safe here, I can splash in the shallow end here. Also I post my fic here, yes I lnow it's crap and cliched but it my cliched crap and I'd hate not to send it out inot the big bad world.  Look if Jensen is suffering so are you lot.

so come on, wave to the universe! Say hello to friends, just generally let Frank know there are still people out there.

And just to let you know my fic for the non AU challenge is complete, now for a month of trying to make it English, and as for the Fic O Doom, if I keep this up the next chapter will be finished very soon.......

So look out you have been warned *G*