April 18th, 2014

kali-sinful desires

Once again a pox upon sky!

Friends, Romans Fl*sters, this very rapid drive post is brought to you courtesy of the flurry of excitement caused by Sky’s Never Miss service showing that Supernatural Season 9 was to be expected on our screens in summer 2014.

After seeing the posts about it, I went on the board myself and yes that’s exactly what it said. So me being me sent them an email which went like this.....

I've just been on Sky never miss, and I've seen Supernatural season 9 is advertised as being screened in the summer. Could you please confirm that you will be screening the show, or is it an error? If it is an error would you please rectify the information, as it will raise many fans hopes they will be able to watch the show. Many thanks.

Once again very sorry for the poor English, but it was almost half twelve last night. But then today I received this…..


Thanks for your email regarding Supernatural season 9. I'm sorry to advise you that there are no scheduled plans to show this on the sky platform. Any updates on this can be obtained from our Never Miss when they become available.

Kind Regards


Viewer Relations

Now I don’t know if this means someone else has got their hand on our show, and they are going to show it soon. But I feel another email coming on to ask them to take the entry down, as it’s akin to rubbing salt in the bloody wounds.

So folks tell me what do you think about this latest turn of events?