May 3rd, 2014

kali-sinful desires

King's Gambit, (1/1), PG-13, Sam & Dean Winchester.

Title:  King’s Gambit
Word Count:  4600
Rating: PG-13
Summary: With the Winchesters relationship at an all time low, Sam is suddenly faced with some uncomfortable truths about Dean. Is he too late to save his brother from a fate worse than death?
Disclaimer: With a heavy heart (and a great deal of relief for Dean) I have to say I do not own Supernatural, nor am I making any profit from this. I just hope I make a few fan girls happy with this demented little scribble.
Warnings: Serious spoilers for season 9.
Notes: As I watched this season unfold I started to muse about where certain plot lines might go.  That was back in March before episode sixteen aired, and I was inspired to write this. So some of what is here has already been Kripke’d, but I decided to finish it as I intended. Many thanks go to milly_gal who has beta’d this in the absence of bigj52 (she’s on holiday), as I needed to get this posted before the last few episodes air. Milly, you are a hero *Hugs*.  This has now been beta’d by bigj52, who in an act of devotion above and beyond all expectations, did this for me while on holiday.  I’m just clearing the ground for that statue now!

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