June 12th, 2014

kali-sinful desires

Hit me with your best recs!

Friends, romans, fl*sters, I have a request, in light of me departing on my hols very, very, soon (Saturday) for two glorious weeks. I might need a little something to help me survive fourteen days of soaps, football (I don't mind that so much) and bloody Homes under, the escape to the country, or whatever it's called.

With that horror in mind, and the wi-fi being spotty and fairly expensive, I might be internetless for that time....... oooh just went weak and dizzy, I'll be alright in a moment. I need your assistance, send me your best fic recs to load onto my Kindle, hand over your links to the best pod fics out there. So when I sit there with a grin on my face, I'll just tell mum I'm listening to the best of Iron Maiden (which is also on the mp3 player).

Ladies I'm begging you, help me out here after all I can only sit and scribble for so long, before the annoying whine starts...."We're on holiday and you've got that bloody thing again!" Ahh mum's dulcet tones.

Now I'm off to do some work, and I might be about later to annoy you again, I finally did the meme about which men you would.... anyhow the one about the men.  See ya later!