July 23rd, 2014

kali-sinful desires

I'm still here!

Friends, romans, fl*sters, I'm just making this drive by post to appologize for still being AWOL.  It seems my laptop is fixed but I won't be able to collect it until tomorrow.  So near and yet so bloody far, if I owe you comments I promise to get my act together as soon as possible.

Also I may have gone and found another show, like a doofus I sat and downloaded the first couple of episiodes of Stargate season 3 from Sky on demand...... Then I mainlined 8 episodes in three days! *Heads Desk* Oh crap I'm doomed. Is it me or is Daniel Jackson totally awesome? Smart, geeky, hot, awrkward and such lovely eyes! Also Sam Carter what a woman, and don't start me on Jack, I could be here all day.  Tealc is pretty damn impressive too.

Just before I go, in those few episodes i managed to spot Ty Olson, Sam Ferris and the actor who played Roy Legrange!  Ahh the joys of genre shows *G*.