September 11th, 2014

kali-sinful desires

Three Positive Things!

So I've been tagged by milly_gal to do this, so here goes,

1)  I had two lovely comments on my story Every Little Thing He Does Is Magic over on AO3, and both commentors said how much they loved my writing and they'd missed my stories and they hoped I was back writing again. I must admit I was overjoyed and I hope musie stays around.

2) Just looking at my fl*st and seeing everyone is doing alright and are happy, is a really positive thing for me so *HUGS* to all of you. Plus it's been lovely and sunny today, enough to brighten the gloomiest of souls.

3) I just saw the promo for season 10!  I may have squeaked a little bit......ok a lot and now I really can't wait for October. I just intend to have fun watching the show and see where they take us, and as for Demon Dean......oh my good god! Hot actually doesn't cover it *G*

There we go three positive things from today!

As a lot of my Fl*st is already doing this, feel free to join in and spread the postive, shiny vibes!