January 11th, 2015

kali-sinful desires

Heads Up!

Well colour me gob smacked, Rogue has just announced Assylum 16! Now this is what I call an early warning, so then will any of you lovely ladies be going next year? Hell I can't believe they're talking about 2016,I've barely gotten the hang of 2015.

So come along dear fl*sit let me know if you'll be joining the mad house again
kali-sinful desires

Hark I Bring Tidings Of Great Joy!!!!!!

Friends, Romans Fl*sters, I know you've probably already seen this but I just feel I should share this with you all.......


We've been renewed!  Yes Supernatural is heading for season 11! And also Arrow, The Flash and The 100, my Geek cup runneth over.

So go spread the joyous news, the boys will be with us for another year!