April 24th, 2015

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A rallying call to protect our Alpha and save our Moose!

Dear Friends, I have ruthlessly swiped this post from dizzojay to bring news of the battle royale for title of Alpha male. And I would like to take a moment to mourn a fallen warrior.....Sadly Misha has lost his battle. But now we must gird up our loins, and fight for our boys!

We must spread the word throughout fandom, in the glorious light of LJ and pinterest, and the darkened corners of Tumblr!  We need to go and vote our fingers to the bone, not only to preserve our precious Alpha, Jensen.  But to save our beloved Moose from the upstart Sam (damn don't I look good in a kilt ) Heughan.

Yes, I know the Outlander fans are almost as rabid as us, but we must fight on!  We deserve to see both our boys in the final, to celebrate ten seasons of our show (all I ask is if that happens, no hair pulling or name calling, alright?)

I will admit to being worried for Jared, after all Sam spends a lot of his time waving a huge dirk around! (look it's a knife, get your minds out of the gutter) And I'm sure his knees are very swoonsome. But this is our  floppy haired hunter with a heart of gold, we can't let him down.

So ladies, cry havoc and let loose the hordes of Supernatural Fan Girls, our boys need us!

Originally posted by dizzojay at It's the Elite Eight!

Well, we lost Misha in the last round, but we still have our delicious J2 among the elite eight, so it's time once again to show our love for our boys.

You can vote here!

Jensen is in game 1 and Jared is in game 3.

So come on gang, let's do it for our one and only Alpha Male!

it's okay Jensen, I can't imagine it either ...
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