July 26th, 2015

kali-sinful desires

Summer Wishlist Meme!

Calling all  Dean lovers out there on my Fl*st, look at what I've found.  It's enough to make a fan girl break out the keyboard and start scribbling!

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A Dean-centric Wish List/Wish Fulfillment Party!


Welcome to our Dean-centric Wish List/Wish Fulfillment Party! Anyone who feels like it should totally fill out the wish list form provided below and comment to this post with it. Then browse others wish lists and see if there’s a wish/wishes you can grant for someone else! You are encouraged to try and fill something if you leave a wish list, but it’s not necessary. This is a low-pressure event. Let's just have some funnnn. \o/

And p.s., don’t forget to promote us/let your friends-list know about us too, so we can get as many people to play as possible! It would be very much appreciated. A lovely banner is available above. ;)

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