July 20th, 2016

kali-sinful desires


I'm here seeking the technical wisdom of my Fl*st, I've been dodging the windows 10 upgrade for months now. And now it looks like my time is up, I went to move it again and it's refusing to budge! so I have until midnight tonight to decide whether to upgrade or not.

I've asked around in the office and so far the opinion is don't touch windows 10 with a barge pole. I'm hearing about buggered up softwear and slowed down lap tops, so what I want to know from my dear Fl*st is as a technophobe should I take the approach if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or should I be brave and update.

I should mention that I don't actually use my 8.1 desktop. I actually use the Acer desktop instead. so ladies can you help this poor technophobe out? As I've said I'm running out of time I must make a decision.
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