March 10th, 2017

kali-sinful desires

Help for a very dear friend.

Our stir_of_echoes is a lovely lady and she's been having a rough time of it lately, so please every little helps.

Originally posted by milly_gal at Help for a very dear friend.

As a lot of you know, stir_of_echoes lost her brother Ian a couple of months ago, and as one of our own very near and dear friends, we tried our best to help out and she managed to lay him to a respectable and well deserved rest.

Last week she tragically lost her other brother, Taz.

It's a huge blow so close to losing Ian, but it isn't just the heartbreak she's dealing with.

Financially this is a nightmare.

I know it's tight all around for everyone at the moment but she and her family would really appreciate not only your prayers and thoughts, but also, anything you may be able to help out with fiscally.

Her PayPal is

She's offering gif sets as compensation for your generosity, and I will throw my hat in the ring and say anyone who donates £10 and upwards can have any kind of digital art off me they like (within reason, I can't manip for love nor money).

As we also know Stir hates asking for help, but I thought I would put this out there. I know y'all are generous to a fault and won't for one minute begrudge my asking.

Thank you in advance!

I'd also like to add that when you read her post, please don't share it directly, but perhaps share this one instead with a link to her post or your own words and a link. Here's her post explaining about Taz and their life. Show compassion (as I know you will) because he may sound like someone you wouldn't necessarily want to know or understand, but he was her brother and he meant a great deal to her. And we all have our demons. Don't we?