December 10th, 2017

kali-sinful desires

There's no business like snow business!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, I bring greetings from the frozen West Midlands. I got up this morning and thought I'd immirgrated to Lapland in the night! I'm not used to seeing our street all white and pretty, it gave me quite a turn. Of course where there is snow there are snowmen....

This is the kids second attempt, they built the first one behind their Grandad's car and he came out and shovelled it up. Considering this chap is looking in their window I think the kids got their own back.

Our back garden was looking quite pretty today

It looks like Steve's bird feeding is paying off...

And of course Steve's robin paid a visit...
It might be bloody freezing, but it's begining to look a lot like Christmas *G*