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06 February 2018 @ 02:00 pm
Jared opened the door to his trailer and trudged inside, it had been a long hard day. He’d finished filming his scene with Ruth, where Sam had made his confession about what had happened with Lucifer.  Ruth had been amazing it had been so easy to lose himself in Sam’s pain and depression, and that was the problem. Sam was the eternal optimist of the Supernatural world, and now seeing him brought low, lying in bed and lashing out at friends was just a little too close to home for comfort for Jared. He could feel his own darkness washing closer, taking all the colour and light from the world. He just needed to rest, and he would be fine.

He summoned up the energy to walk over to the couch and sat down, his let his head fall back against the wall and closed his eyes, he didn’t want to see the darkness getting closer. To be fair to Andrew he’d asked if Jared would be alright with the storyline, and after consulting his therapist and family, he’d felt strong enough to tackle the latest emotional hurricane Sam was caught up in.

He’d been doing well until today, now he felt as if he was drowning in the dark waters of depression.  He needed the light and colour back in his world, Jared knew he should call someone, but he simply couldn’t summon up the effort to reach for his phone and so he sat in silence.

The trailer door opened and there was a blast of cold air that made Jared shiver. Someone was standing watching him, the closed and Jared knew the other person was still the room. He could hear them breathe then soft footsteps as they crossed the trailer.

The couch dipped and there was a welcome warmth along Jared’s side, and a familiar hand curled around his own. He managed a weak smile, “Jensen.” He sighed as the other man put his arm around his shoulder and pulled him closer.

Jared slid down the seat and rested his head against Jensen’s chest, listening to the reassuring beat of his heart. Jensen stroked his hair and Jared held on tighter, there was no need for words, he had everything he wanted. As Jensen’s arms wrapped around him, he lifted his head and opened his eyes, the darkness was receding, and the world had gone from sepia and grey to full colour as he saw the vibrant hues of green in Jensen’s eyes, his light was here with him.
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