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I don't know if any of you have seen me whittering on about the EU Copyright law and Directives 11 and 13. Well today the MEPS voted on it, and the bless their little hearts they rejected it! They've sent it back to the drawing board to be debated again in September. Now don't get me wrong I fully understand the need for fairer remumeration, but the bill as it stands would potentially wipe out half of what we post! Hillwood gone, Fanart gone, Fanfiction a thing of the past. Everything you post on your social media would be subject to scrutiny before you'd be allowed to upload it, Just think about that for a moment and speculate where it might lead.

I'm going to share the link to the BBC news article concerning the vote, and please bear in mind under Directive 11, this would be subject to a link tax and Livejournal would probably be forced to prevent this post from being uploaded!

MEPS reject controversial copyright law.

Although if it had passed you would've had to pry Fandom out of my cold dead fingers! To paraphrase a certain Dr Ian Malcolm (this would also be banned) Fandom would find a way! I would've have sent my Fics out by email or bloody carrier pigeon if necessary.

I say this now, I'm going to keep fighting, we need to sign every petiton, shout loudly from the roof tops we will not go quietly....

You can take my memes, my GIFS, My Fan Vids, but you will never take my FANDOM!!!!!!
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