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Run that past me again?

In the spirit of me posting a little more, I thought I'd recount a little conversation me and mum had the other day.  It was the day Delores O'Riordan died and to set the scene, I was in the kitchen washing up, bopping around to The Greatest Showman sound track on my MP3 player, and mum was watching the news in the Living room (we're not posh enough for a lounge).  I'm just about to launch into a superbly off key rendition of A Million Dreams, when mum appears beside me.

"Have you heard?"

I managed not to scream with shock, and pulled my earphones out, "Heard what?" I replied as I tried to keep my heart beating.

"A singer's just died." mum said seriously.

"Ok, who is it?"

Mum looked at me blankly for a second and answered, "She was white with black hair and was playing the guitar."

I shook my head, "Nope, not ringing any bells.  Got anything else?"

Mum huffed, "She was thirty six, come on you must know."

Now I know there are times mum is convinced I'm some sort of oracle, but come on, I need a little more than female with black hair and a guitar, and let's not forget thirty six! Just in case you're worried for mum's sanity, I need to point out that she stopped paying attention to popular music in the Fifties, she thinks the Everly Brothers were great (I have a story about that for another time), that The Beatles are overated and considers Engelbert Humpderdinck the world's greatest singer (although to be fair she does quite like Adreas Bocelli).

After a few more moments of silence I said, "Hang on I'll find out." Mum nodded and wandered back into the living room, I reached for my phone and found out about Delores. I went in the living room and said, "Well you were only ten years out with her age, she was the lead singer with The Cranberries."

Mum nodded, "I have no idea who you'e on about, but it's shame." At that I toddled back into the kitchen. You know there are time I love my conversations with mum!

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