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22 January 2018 @ 07:30 am
That Bloody Picture!  
Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, I'm sure you recall a certain picture I posted recently...

there goes the ovaries
What can I say, it's jus the gift that keep on giving! It insoired me so much I've scribbled a little something. If you think it's good enough I might even get it beta'd (sorry bigj52) and post it somewhere else! Who knew I could still write something so quickly?

Jared stood in the wings as Jensen’s panel was coming to an end, he hadn’t heard the question but suddenly Jensen pulled his belt off, folded it half and snapped it. The look he shot the audience of screaming fan girls was hot enough to cause flash burns to the first three rows, and Jared was sure he heard ovaries exploding all around the room. He took a deep breath, looked around and adjusted his jeans, the last thing he needed was to walk on stage with a visible hard on.

Then Jensen draped the belt across the back of his neck, and Jared wanted nothing more than to grab the ends of the belt, pull Jensen towards him and kiss him senseless. Jared raised his eyes heavenward and prayed for patience. He still had to get through the autographs and photo ops before he would be alone with Jensen. Jensen glanced in his direction and smirked, Jared growled damn Ackles and his teasing. Well if he insisted on playing with fire, then Jensen was going to get burned.

Jared spotted one of the organisers of the Convention and he waved them over. The young woman looked up at him, “Hey Jared is there something I can do for you?” She asked as clutched her clipboard to her chest.
Jared gave her his best seductive smile, “Hi Angela there is, can we delay the autographs for a little while?”  He ran his fingers through his hair, and accidently flexed his bicep.

 Angela stared up at him transfixed and licked her lips, then she looked at her clip board and smiled, “I think we delay by ten minutes, is that going to be enough?”

Jared’s smile grew wider, “Oh that’ll be plenty, I need one more favour,” Jared bent down and whispered in Angela’s ear. As Jared rested his hand on her shoulder she flushed and bit her lip.

Jared straightened up and Angela pulled herself together, “No problem Jared, I know how demanding these conventions can be. I’m sure we can find you and Jensen a little privacy, it’s just so sweet the way you worry about him so much. Just leave it with me.”

When Angela returned, she showed Jared to a room that wasn’t in use. Jared thanked her and sat down to wait, he wouldn’t have long but he was sure Jensen was going to learn his lesson.

Jensen stepped off the stage and turned towards the autograph area, Angela appeared, “Excuse me Jensen, can you just come with me for a minute.”

“Sure thing, is there a problem?” Jensen asked as he fell in step beside her.

“Nothing’s wrong, if you’ll just step in here we’re not ready for you yet. I’ll be back as soon as we’re ready.” Angela smiled as ushered Jensen into the room and closed the door.

Jensen grinned as he pulled the belt from around his neck, he’d enjoyed teasing the Fans and he knew Jared was watching, he could feel the heat from his boyfriend’s stare all the way across the stage. He was looking forward to getting back to the hotel later, so he could continue teasing Jared.

“Just what did you think you were doing? Flirting with audience like that.” Jensen squeaked as he spun round. Jared was sitting on a chair his arms folded and damn he looked pissed.

Jensen rubbed at the back of his neck, “Come on Jay, it was just a bit of fun.” Jensen’s mouth went dry as Jared stood up and slowly walked over to him.

Jared took hold of Jensen’s wrist and squeezed slightly, “You know the rules, I’m the only one who gets to see that side of you.” Jared’s voice was firm, Jensen blushed and lowered his eyes.

“It was a question about fifty shades, that damn story about me being offered the Christian Grey part just won’t go away. Did you see their faces, it was awesome!”

Jared took the belt from Jensen’s hand and tapped his leg with it. “I hope it was worth it, because I’m going to have to remind you how to behave now.”

Jensen swallowed hard as heat pooled in his belly, the way Jared was looking at him made his knees weak. He looked like he wanted to take him apart, and right now that was just the hottest thing. Normally he’d be on his knees begging, but they were at a convention for god’s sake! “Jared, we can’t, someone could come in at any moment.” He hissed shooting a worried glance at the door.

Jared reached up and cupped Jensen’s face, “Don’t worry we’ve got ten minutes. I told Angela you need a little time to decompress. We’re not going to be disturbed. Unless this is a new little kink I should know about?” Jared wrapped his arm around Jensen pulling his closer, “I bet you’d love it if Misha came around a corner, and found you bent over the Impala while I was fucking you.”  Jensen’s eyes fluttered closed and Jared smiled, he had no idea Jensen had an exhibitionist streak. That was something he could use, but right now he had another little matter to attend to.

Jared leant forward and Kissed Jensen, it was hard and passionate, his tongue flicking across Jensen’s lips as he grabbed his ass and squeezed. When the kiss broke both men were panting, “I believe we were attending to the little matter of you misbehaving.”  Jared smiled darkly as Jensen lowered his eyes submissively.

“What do you want me to do?” Jensen asked softly.

Jared took him by the hand and led him over to the chair, he reached out and turned it around. Then he stood behind Jensen ran his arms down his arms and guided his hands to the back of the chair. Jensen shivered at the touch and tilted his head to the side, Jared took up the unspoken invitation and gently sucked on Jensen’s neck as he cupped his dick through his jeans.

Jensen whined softly as Jared’s hands moved to the waist band of his jeans and he toyed with the button. He kissed his way up Jensen’s neck, and breathed hotly against his ear. “You’re going to hold onto the chair and take your punishment like a good boy.” Jared’s voice was low and demanding as Jensen nodded and gripped the chair’s metal frame.

Jared unfastened Jensen’s jeans and pushed them down his muscular legs, until they fell to the floor in a heap around his feet. He slipped his thumbs inside the waistband of Jensen’s boxer briefs and slowly pushed them over the swell of his ass, he smiled as Jensen’s cock sprung free and slapped wetly against his stomach. When the briefs joined the jeans on the floor, Jared took a step back and Jensen shivered at the loss of his touch.

Jared lifted the folded belt and gently stoked Jensen’s ass, enjoying his gasp of anticipation as the supple leather kissed the pale skin. He lowered the belt and waited for Jensen to relax, “What’s your safe word?”

Jensen was breathing heavily, and gasped, “Clay.”

“Good, now I think six strokes should remind you of how to behave. Are you ready.” Jared turned and raised the belt in readiness.

Jensen nodded as he spread his legs as far as jeans wrapped around his ankles allowed, and bent forwards, his whole body tensed as he waited for the first blow.

Jared brought the belt down sharply right across the centre of Jensen’s ass, the sound of leather against skin was loud in the silence of the room. Jared took a second to appreciate the way Jensen’s back bowed and the skin turned red. He pulled his arm back and delivered the next stroke to the same spot as Jensen’s head dropped aw he breathed hard.

Jared’s third hit made Jensen shudder, and his backside was turning a bright cherry red, the forth and fifth blows were to the backs of his thighs making them a match for Jensen’s ass. Jared paused and rubbed the belt over the broad red marks, watching Jensen as he fought to keep himself under control. He had a white knuckled grip on the chair and his chest rose and fell rapidly, but he hadn’t made a sound. It was time to end this, Jared flicked the belt against Jensen’s the abused ass and he hissed softly.

“One more and we’re done, I’m so proud of you Jensen.” Jared saw the blush his praise elicited, and he pulled his arm back, the belt whistled through the air and struck with force.  The pain of the blow made Jensen arch his back, and throw his head back, his eyes screwed tightly shut as tears leaked out of them.

Jared lowered the belt and pulled Jensen into his arms, “You did so well, no one else will ever get to see how beautiful you are when you break for me.” Jared gently wiped the tears away, and kissed Jensen tenderly. Jensen wrapped his arms around Jared and tucked his head into Jared’s neck.

Jared rubbed small circles into Jensen’s back, calming him, holding him as the tension left his body. Jared’s hand moved lower, and he brushed his fingers over Jensen’s ass. He was thrilled by the heat he felt there. He couldn’t resist it, he pressed a little harder and Jensen flinched.

“Ow that hurts you bastard! How am I supposed to sit down and sign autographs now?” Jensen squirmed in Jared’s embrace and Jared laughed
Jared let go of him and grinned, “Maybe that will remind you to behave in future.” Jared smirked as he knelt, and Jensen tugged at his hair.

Jared took hold of Jensen’s hips and looked up, he saw Jensen’s cock was hard and leaking pre-come and Jensen was looking at him pleadingly. Jared shook his head, “If you’re a good boy, I’ll let you come later. Now let’s get you dressed so you can go and meet your adoring public.” He pulled Jensen’s briefs and jeans back up, and as the material rubbed against the tender skin Jensen moaned, and he bit down hard on his lip.

Jared looked at Jensen his face was flushed, and his eyes were bright, but he was calmer more relaxed. Jared ran his fingers through Jensen’s short hair then thanked god he was wearing a loose shirt over his jeans, Jensen wasn’t the only one with a ‘little’ problem. At least they were going to be sitting down for a while, so none of the Fan Girls would see anything.

There was a knock at the door, Jared smiled regretfully at Jensen and called out “Come in.” Angela put her head around the door and smiled. “Are you guys ready?” She asked brightly.

Jared slung his arms around Jensen’s shoulder, “Sure, we’re good to go.”  Angela led them out of the room and towards the autograph area. They smiled as they passed the waiting Fans, and Jensen blushed every time one of them pointed at his belt and whispered.

When they got into the room they went to their tables and sat down. Jared grinned as Jensen winced and started to squirm, then his dick throbbed and reminded him why it wasn’t such a good idea to enjoy the fruits of his labours too much in public.

He beckoned Angela over. “Yes Jared, is there something else you need?”

 “Could you get Jensen a cushion to sit on, he had a little accident on set and he’s a little tender.” Jared ignored the dirty look Jensen was giving him. as Angela went bright red and looked sympathetically at Jensen.

As Angela went in search of a cushion Jared grinned as Jensen continued to glare at him. He knew the other man would pay him back for this, and he couldn’t wait to find out if Jensen really did have any Christian Grey in him.

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milly_galmilly_gal on January 22nd, 2018 10:05 am (UTC)
*lays down in a puddle of her own flailing sweaty mess and fans herself* Send it off to beta, please!
preciousgotaprettymouth on January 22nd, 2018 07:53 pm (UTC)
oh my... fuck!