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Ramblings And A Request..

Good evening to any brave soul out there, I just thought I'd wander by and ramble for a bit.  First of all a little bit of news I have only gone and signed up the spn_reversebang, so please ignore any gibbering and rocking in the corner whilst uttering over and over "Oh God What have I done."

Secondly I seek the wisdom of the Jared/Sam girls upon my f*list, I'm looking for a picture of Jared as Lucifer white suit and everything, could someone recommend a site or journal, only I'm trying to put together a banner and I would really like a picture of Sam like that.  Yup tyypical I don't appear for months and then I turn up begging as usual.

Any suggestions will be cuddled petted and looked after, bog off is not an option, but everything else is very welcome!  Have a great evening folks.
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