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Happy Birthday Jensen!

Friends we are gathered here to celebrate the birthday of a certain Jensen Ross Ackles. It's hard to believe but it's been 40 years since Fan Girls all over the world were given this precious gift!

To begin Jensen was an adorable child....

Wasn't he a cutie? Of course with those angelic looks the world of modelling beckoned

Just look at that clean cut all American boy! (and in shorts as well, I can hear Dean laughing somewhere)

Of course young men grow up (and personally after seeing this, if I was him I would've have had stern words with my agent)
You know I don't know whether to laugh or perv! Ah well I can do both as I get carted off to jail.

Yeah I'd really have a word with my agent!

Time passes and our boy moves onto classier modelling....
Buggar the necklace can I have him gift wrapped instead?

From there the bright lights of Hollywood called.  First of all there was Eric Brady
One layer! One bloody layer! Writers of Supernatural take note, he isn't surgically attached to plaid shirts and fifteen layers.

From Soap to Sci-Fi and Jensen's first brush with the genre as Alec in Dark Angel
Let's just take a moment to appreciate the sheer beauty and the duck lips on the man!

I had to! I couldn't help myself, it's one of my favourite pictures simply because we get a flash of flesh.

From here Jensen flew to Smallville, and we were so close to seeing him as Clark, instead we got the bad boy Jason Teague.
I'm sorry were you saying something? Just look at those eyes!

Before we get to Dean I feel there should be an honourable mention of Jensen's other roles....

Jensen as Eddie G in Blonde
Excuse me while I winch my jaw off the floor.

There was Jake from Devour, a film I still don't fully understand
I think we know where Dean got his leather jacket from though.

Then who can forget Priestly?

Sexy and adorkable.

Then there was Tom from my Bloody Valentine, he was just misunderstood honest!
Although he made a really hot serial killer *G*

Now we come to the role that has made him so beloved of Fan Girls everywhere....Dean Winchester

Here he is in season 1, so young, innocent, hot!

and season 13

Gone is the fresh faced innocence, but damn he's still bloody hot!

And just to prove he hasn't forgotten his modelling roots here is Jensen in Rome last year.
Work it baby!

And at the CW up fronts
hot in shades
Oooh did someone say crime boss?

No matter how hot...

or adorkable he is

He is a very talented, funny, sexy, wonderful man.

Happy Birthday Jensen, here's to many more!

Images from Pinterest

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