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I couldn't resist!

Once again while I was tripping through the halls of Pinterest I spotted this little meme and I decided to have a go, please bear in mind these songs are on my MP3 player I listen to walking home from work:


First song The Man Of Sorrows Iron Maiden, that's fairly appropriate.

Second song: Crazy Love, Jason Manns, I'm a Fan Girl of course I'd go into battle with the sound of Jensen ringing in my ears

Third Song: White Limo, Foo Fighters, well it certainly gets the blood pumping

Fourth song: But Honestly, Foo Fighters funny I think this is more of a break up song, it could've been worse it might have been Highway to hell!

Fifth Song: Winter Wonderland Jason Manns!!!!!! Oh dear lord please don't tell me I'm going to be taken out by the abominable snowman!

That was fun, I half expected to see something from Beauty and the Beast or The Greatest Showman, but it looks like the universe's sense of humor it doing alright as it is.
Tags: random fun!
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