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17 August 2010 @ 08:21 pm
Warning Inspiration Strikes! Please somebody stop me!  
Good Evening friends, Romans F*listers, and those foolish enough to friend me because they think I'm vaguely interesting and write the odd passable fic!

There I was at work happily (hah) working on a payment run when an idea hit me! ah the joys of working in accounts.  I had a flash of inspiration. and although I beat my head against my desk repeatedly the bloody idea wouldn't go away.  I know it's been done before by those with much more talent than me, I had the notion to write a series of fics, and ficlets on each episode of the show charting Jared and Jensen's relationship.  Hell's teeth I'd even got up to the first time they have sex! It's after the end of All Hell Breaks loose part 2 very angsty.

Please I implore you, talk me out of this! there'll be schmoop everywhere, Jared being overprotective, Jensen being snarky, all i want to know is how the hell did the crew from Inception get into my swiss cheese of a brain and leave this little time bomb ticking away?

And just think of all the damn research, watching the show from the beginning again, searching my Season companions....oh god I'm supposed to be talking myself out of this not into it.

You are my only hope, for pities sake stop me!
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     Mandy: All Tied Upa_phoenixdragon on August 18th, 2010 07:26 pm (UTC)
Oh yes - stimulation is only 35% physical anyway - the brain the biggest organ for sex anyhow. You do it just right and it is possible, love!!