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Hell Is Other People, Chapter 12, R, J2

Title: Hell Is Other People
Word Count: 5470
Summary: Jared is a hunter, but he is about to find out that evil isn’t just the preserve of demons.
Pairing: J2 eventually
Warnings: Excessive abuse of Jensen.
Disclaimer: As far as I know Jared isn’t engaged in hunting monsters and last time I checked Jensen wasn’t chained up naked in the basement of a church and wasn’t in a relationship with Jared, so please don’t sue.
Notes: Here I offer thanks and unending praise to garvaldmains, who has helped, improved and encouraged me with endless patience when I gibbered at her, and she also provided the awesome banner! *Big, Big Hugs*.
Beta: by the awesome bigj52 .





 “So Jim, which one of us is taking Jensen home?” Jared stood waiting for the answer, he was hopping either Jim or Chris would offer to take the injured man home. Jared wasn’t sure he could cope with travelling with Jensen then having to watch him walk away or worse, asking him to stay. Jared felt as if he was betraying Chad. He had a demon to find he couldn’t afford to be involved with someone else, so it would be better if he said goodbye here and went on his way.

 Jim looked up from the lap top he was working on with Chris; he sighed and scratched at his beard. He wasn’t looking forward to this, and he knew Jared would dig his heels in. He took a deep breath.

 “Ok, son, let’s do this by a process of elimination. I’d love to take Jensen back home but I’m gonna be needed here for a few days....”

 “But surely we’re done here. When we move Jensen you’ll be fine to take him.” There was a plea to Jared’s voice.

 “Jay, I need to finish things here and believe me, it will be better that Jensen is long gone when I do.”

 “Look! Whatever it is I can do it. Please, Jim.” Jared sounded a little desperate.

 “Ok then, kid, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna wait for my old partner, Kurt to show up with a warrant to arrest Morgan and when he hears of his tragic demise, he’ll take the body instead. As you know, red tape is a bitch, so when Morgan’s body is being transported it will vanish. Then I’m gonna burn the bastard, because I don’t know about you but I sure as hell don’t want him going after Jensen again. Now Kurt will be sticking his neck out to do this, it was part of our agreement. I get rid of Morgan and he ensures that it’s never traced back to me.   Kurt will be here by tomorrow, one text was all it took.” Jim’s words softened as he watched Jared struggle with the idea of being alone with Jensen.

 Jared had gone pale when he heard this. Shit! He’d forgotten all about the possibility of Morgan coming back from the grave to take his revenge; he shot a startled glance towards the lounge where the Ackles’s sat.

“Don’t worry, Sasquatch. While you were babysitting Jensen at the church, me and Jim warded this house to Hell and back. Even the devil would have trouble getting in here now.” Chris grinned up at him and watched Jared relax at those words.

 “An’ just to be safe, Jared, I’ll swing by Morgan’s house and have a little bonfire. I ain’t taking no chances with that bastard. He’s in Hell where he belongs and he is staying there if I can help it.” Jim went to go back to work but Jared still tried to escape from his fate.

 “How about Chris, then? Surely he doesn’t need to be here and I’ll take Mac back to college.” Jared wrapped his arms round his body in agitation.

 “No can do, Jay. Look, I’m on a pretty tight deadline here. Remember the necklace? Well, that curse box is only temporary, that’s how come it managed to get back home to its case. Misha told me I had five days before it decides I’d make a pretty good victim, wards or not, and I’ve already used three. Now I can get Mac away from here and drop her off and still make Misha’s in time. But driving to LA and back? There is no way I’ll be able to make it before the deadline. Also Jay, do you really want Jensen to have to travel with that thing after what it did to him?"

Jared shook his head, “Jesus, no! I don’t even like it being in the house with him. It looks like I drew the short straw, huh?” Jared looked down as he spoke; Chris sighed and moved away from the lap top. Standing next to the taller man, Chris spoke softly.

 “Look, Jay, you know you don’t mean that, and I know why you’re scared. Jared, you ain’t cheating on Chad.” Jared went to speak but Chris held up his hand for silence.

 “I get it, Jay. I really do, but closing yourself off from all human contact? And me and Jim don’t count. We’re hunters, we ain’t exactly normal. Listen! Jensen needs you right now and if you’re really honest, you need him. I swear I would take him home if I could, but you know I can’t. All you need to do is get him home safely, Jay. It won’t be all that bad. I’m sure he doesn’t bite...well, only if you ask him to.” Chris smirked as he said that. He reached up and patted Jared’s shoulder.

 Jared straightened up and gave a rueful smile, “I’m being ridiculous, aren’t I? You’re right. It’s just driving Jensen home. I can do that, no problem and I’m not cheating on Chad. It’s not as if anything will happen. Right! When do we go? And has Aldis sent anymore information?” Jared became all business now he saw taking Jensen home as almost another hunt.

 Chris shot a look at Jim and rolled his eyes in exasperation. Jim’s lips quirked in a smile; he covered it with his hand. “Well, Aldis has been sending routes to us and I think I can see the best one. It ain’t the quickest way out of town but it does afford us some privacy to deal with Eddie. So two birds with one stone and Aldis has reported that Eddie has split his little posse up. It looks like he sent two of the trucks to patrol the outskirts of town and the other two are circling close by.”

 Jared stood thinking, “The two who he is keeping close by...who are they?” 

 “It looks like Eddie’s two little friends. What was it Jensen called em? Oh yeah, Tweedle Dumb and Dumber. I know what he’s up to; if we do run, those two will guide us to Eddie. They deliver us to Eddie, and Eddie decides to deal personally with Jensen.” Jim considered what their next move was.

 “Eddie has just made our job easier. He’ll make sure that only Tweedle Dumb and his pal will be close, and after all, he knows he can control them. The other guys he’ll want to keep as far away as possible. When we do run, Eddie won’t contact the furthest two. We intercept the messages to Tweedle Dumb and Dumber and send them to the other end of town. Me and Chris will shepherd you and Jensen towards Eddie like he’s expecting, and then we get to speak to Eddie nice and private.” Jim looked at Chris and Jared to check their reaction, they were grinning at Jim.

 “I’ll talk to Aldis and make sure he can tie up the other trucks, just to be safe and I’m pretty sure he can keep the sheriff and deputies busy until we are clear. Right then! We need to get yours and Jared’s trucks from the motel and get Aldis to put together the tapes to use on Eddie and crew.” Chris began to send an email to Aldis, sending details of the chosen route and suggestions of where to send Eddie’s friends to ensure a clear run for the three of them.

 “Jared, I think it’s best if you and I go to get the trucks. We’ll leave Chris here to watch the Ackles’. Can you go and ask Mac to give us a lift? It’s time to start moving, boys. I want us to be clear of here by early afternoon. Oh, and Jared...”   Jared had been walking out of the kitchen. He stopped and turned back to look at Jim.

 “Listen, I know you can get back to LA in around two days with hard driving. Just remember, Jensen ain’t gonna be up to it.   Take a few back roads and you let that boy rest up. Do you hear me? I don’t want to have to come after you and smack some sense into ya.” Jim looked at Jared and smiled at the younger man. Jared smiled back and nodded before resuming his journey to speak to Mac.

Jim and Chris stood side by side starring at the lap top. Chris broke the silence first, “So Kurt’s en route, then? Damn! That was real quick, man. I’m impressed.” 

 Jim kept his eyes on the screen, “Well, I ain’t quite sent the text yet, but what I told Jared was true. I’ll be making sure that Morgan won’t get up again. Only five days? Misha seems to be slipping. There is no way he’d risk one of his pets hurting an innocent bystander. What happened with Jensen was my fault.” Jim slid a look over to Chris who coughed.

 “Ok. Maybe I got two weeks before the necklace gets restless. Really, would you want Jensen to travel with it?” They went silent again. Finally they looked at one another, and two identical smiles appeared. With that, they turned back to the lap top just as Jared walked back into the kitchen.

 “Ok. Mac won’t be taking us but Alan will. He says he will feel better if he takes us, and he is more than willing to do whatever it takes to get Jensen clear of here. Well, are we ready to go? The sooner we get back with the trucks the happier I’ll feel.” Jim nodded and they walked back into the lounge.

 Chris overtook them, “Wait here. I just want to get a few things from my truck, and I won’t take long.” He went outside. Jared moved over to the couch when he could see that Alan was struggling to move Jensen.

 Jensen had fallen asleep, resting against his father’s shoulder and now Alan was attempting to move him without waking him. “May I, Mr Ackles?” Jared moved round to stand in front of them. Alan looked up at Jared.

 “If you wouldn’t mind, I really don’t want to wake him just yet.” Jared bent down and slipped his arm round Jensen’s shoulders and supported his head with his right hand. He pulled Jensen close to him while Alan slipped off the couch. Jared held Jensen close for a few seconds longer before carefully lying him down on the couch; Donna passed him a cushion to slip under Jensen’s head. Jared pulled the comforter that had been used to keep Jensen warm higher up his body. He settled it round his shoulders then took a calming breath and stood up just as Chris walked back into the house.

 Chris’ eyes swept round the room, spotted Jared hovering over Jensen and he tried not to smile too broadly. “Are you sure you have enough... errmmm... well, are you sure you have enough?” Jared pointed at the large hold-all that he knew was full of weapons.

 “Oh, I’m a firm believer in you can never have enough errmmm. “ Chris grinned and continued onto the kitchen. Jared gave a laugh and looked at Jim.

 “Ok, then. Are we ready to go? Good! If Mr Ackles could take us to our motel, we’ll be as quick as possible.” Jim turned to leave.

 “We should fill the doctor’s prescription for Jensen while we’re out. “ As Jared spoke he looked round for the prescription. Alan waved a piece of paper at Jared, and Jared nodded happily. With that, the three men filed out of the house.

 Donna and Mac sat in silence, both of them watching Jensen as he slept; Donna became aware of the sound of typing from the kitchen. She got up quietly and followed the sound; she stood watching Chris as he continued typing.

 Chris looked up and smiled, “Can I help you with anything, Mrs Ackles?” Donna stepped closer to the hunter; she to ask this question.

 Smiling, she took her courage in both hands and... “You’re wondering why any sane person would become a hunter, ain’t ya?” Chris’s soft words startled her and Donna nodded.

 “Please call me ‘Donna’. Chris, how did you know what I was going to ask?” she stared in shock at him.

 “Under the circumstances it’s an understandable question. Ok. There tends to be two kinds of hunters. The first kind are families of hunters; it’s something they pass on from generation to generation. Then there is my kind of hunter; we’re the ones who have come up against the nightmares and lost a loved one to them.” Chris’s blue eyes gazed intently at Donna; he was waiting for the next question. He didn’t have to wait long.

 “I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help myself. Who did the three of you lose?” Donna was embarrassed by her blunt question, but she really wanted to understand the men who had saved Jensen.

 “Jim and Jared’s stories are not mine to tell, but what I will tell you is that Jim lost his daughter, and Jared lost his partner, Chad.” He saw Donna start at Chad’s name; he watched a look of understanding cross Donna’s face on hearing about Jared.

 “As for me, I lost my wife Beth; she was the sweetest woman you ever met.” Chris fell silent, his eyes focused on the past, memories he’d long tried to bury beginning to resurface.

 “You don’t have to say any more, Chris. I’m sorry for prying,” Donna stood next to him and rested her hand on top of his; Chris took Donna’s hand and turned to face her.

 “No, it’s alright. I’ve been running from this for too long. I’d served in the army and when I came out, Beth talked me into going back into singing. I sang Country. God! It seems like a lifetime ago. Beth and me travelled from place to place. I was never going to be Garth Brookes, but we got by.

 On our travels Beth picked up an admirer. He kept turning up at my gigs and pestering her. Finally I had enough, cornered the guy and politely asked him to go away. I thought he got the message and I didn’t see him for a while. Then, after my last gig Beth and me were heading back to our RV when we were attacked. I came to in hospital a couple of weeks later; they said it was some kind of animal attack. I’d been lucky as it had been disturbed and left me for dead; there was no sign of Beth anywhere.

 I knew what had attacked us was no animal. It had been a full moon that night and I got a real good look at what it was. I began to research as best I could on the Net. It really is surprising what you can find if you look hard enough and long enough. Finally I figured out it was a werewolf. 

 After I got discharged from hospital and I decided to try and find Beth’s remains. I searched the whole area and I thought that the other local critters had just dragged her body away.   I was resigned to never finding her. From there, it was just a matter of finding the son of a bitch that had done this to us. 

 You know hunters ain’t all that hard to find, they tend to gravitate to survivalists and ex-military. I rang a few army buddies and they pointed me towards the ‘crazies’ as they called ‘em. It didn’t take long to be accepted, one of the hunters said I’d got the look. It’s kind of ‘I’ll find the damn thing or die trying’ look.” Chris paused. He licked at his lips, unsure what to say next.

 “I’m sorry, Chris, you can stop there. I shouldn’t have pried.” Donna spoke gently but she never took her eyes away from his face. She knew this was something that Chris had never talked about, and now she was the one he told his story to. Chris looked into her eyes and she felt as if she’d been punched by the raw pain she saw there.

  Then Chris continued to speak, his voice low and shaking with the effort of remaining calm and unemotional as he spoke, “No. I think it’s time to get this out into the open. Like I said I got the look so they sent me to Jim.  He has a habit of looking after newbies. If he can’t discourage you from being a hunter, he tries to make sure you’ll survive your first hunt. After I told him what happened, he agreed with it being a werewolf. I didn’t take all that long to train, being ex-military helped. He taught me how to research, what to look for and most importantly, patience. He sent me on a couple of small hunts to see how I’d do. When I kept turning up in one piece he finally let me go after a werewolf.

 It seems I’m a natural at tracking those bastards. After I put it down Jim told me what happened next was up to me. I didn’t see Jim for a couple of years but we kept in contact. He’d help with research and pass hunts my way, and I returned the favour.

 Like I said, I got real good at tracking werewolves. I must have taken down seven or eight before I caught up with that bastard in Nevada. I made sure it was the same guy. I knew it was him by the look of shock on his face when he recognized me; I didn’t hesitate. I put a silver bullet in his heart. I was done, ready to give it all up and try and pick up my old life, then Beth said hello to me.

  I never found a body because there wasn’t one to find. He’d taken Beth as a mate and bitten her when he tried to kill me. Beth told me he said he’d killed me. At first, she didn’t believe him and was goin’ to look for me, and then he told her to wait until after full moon. After she’d changed for the first time he told her she was his mate and they would be together forever. Beth didn’t know what to do; she felt she had no choice so she stayed with him.

  She was so happy to see me; he had told her all about hunters and warned her about one in particular, a man with long, brown hair and bright-blue eyes. It seems I’d made quite an impression amongst werewolves; I wanted to take her and run. I was even ready to let her bite me. She refused though, and Beth asked me for one final favour.” Chris stilled again, breathing hard, trying to keep himself under control.

 He drew a ragged breath, “She asked me to kill her; she couldn’t stand what she had become. She wanted to be free of the curse. I refused at first and she said if I truly loved her, I’d do this for her. I put a bullet in her heart and she thanked me for it. 

 After that, I realized there was no way back. When you enter this world you can go one of three ways. Firstly, you spend your life in search of revenge for your loss. Then there are those who get their revenge and just move forward, killing everything in their path without a thought. The final kind of hunter wants to help people, they don’t want others suffer what they have.   You see, Donna, don’t look at us as if we’re heroes. We do what we do and move on.” Chris stopped speaking and he slowly wiped his face to clear away the tears that had betrayed his pain.

 Donna leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek, “Oh, I think you’re heroes. Chris, how many people have you saved? I can never thank you enough for what you have done for Jensen. I have to ask - what kind of hunter are you, Jim and Jared?”

 Chris had to smile at that, “To be honest, we’ve gone through the three stages. Jared is still struggling with the revenge part of it. But Jim keeps pushing him back to the human race, but for the most part we just want to help people.” 

 They heard the front door open. Chris stepped into the doorway, a gun held in readiness but he relaxed when he saw it was Jim, Jared and Alan. Chris nodded in greeting and returned to the kitchen. Alan and Jim joined Donna and Chris in the kitchen

 “We set to go, Chris?” Jim asked straight away.

 “Yeah. Aldis has everything we need set up. He said he’ll run the tapes and keep Eddie’s friends going round in circles. We just have to tell him a time and he is ready to roll.” Just then Chris’s phone beeped. He looked down at the text he had received and smiled. Jim looked at him, Chris just smiled back, and “Nothing to worry about, but this will come in mighty handy later.”

 Alan and Donna shared a look and Donna started to speak, “We were wondering if you could make a disc of the phone conversations between the sheriff and Eddie, and Eddie and Morgan. Also we’d like a DVD of the video Chris took in Morgan’s basement.    We think the town needs to be finally aware of what has happened here, and once Jensen and Mac are gone we will go to the meeting tonight and tell everyone.”

 Jim gave them both a look, “Are you absolutely sure about this? It could be dangerous.”

 “Reverend Colt, I have never been more certain of anything in my life. I want the record set straight about my son and what we have done to him. It’s time I was accountable for my part in this, and I’ll take the consequences, but I want to be certain Jensen and Mac are safely away first. All I ask is that you don’t tell my children what I’m about to do.” Alan sounded decisive as he spoke.

 Well, for a start, my real name is Jim Beaver and I’ll do better than just make a disc. I’ll stay with you tonight and go to the meeting. I’ll tell the town just who Morgan was, and with the evidence we have it should an interesting night. Plus, if things get ugly I know I can get us out of there.”

 Alan looked stunned at Jim’s revelation that there was more to Morgan’s story. But he felt more at ease knowing that there would be someone else there to help them. Donna had slipped over to stand by the kitchen door; she was watching Jared and Mac talking quietly.

 “Donna, are you sure you’d rather not travel back with Jared and Jensen?” Jim enquired as he came to stand by her.

 “At first, I was going to ask to travel with Jensen, but I need to help Alan expose what has happened here. Plus, I had a little chat with Chris about hunters, and why people become hunters. It was something he said about Jared. I think they can help each other, possibly even more than I could help. They have both been touched by real evil; it’s something that I can’t fully comprehend, thank God. They understand it and they may even help each other heal.” 

 As Donna spoke she noticed Jensen stir in his sleep. Jared broke off what he was saying to Mac and crouched down by Jensen. Jensen’s eyes fluttered open and Jared smiled in greeting. Jensen tried to sit up and Jared quickly moved forward to help him up. As Jared helped him, Donna watched the way her son looked at Jared. She murmured a soft question to herself, “I wonder if anyone has ever become a hunter out of love?”

 Donna’s attention was drawn away from the boys by the conversation going on in the kitchen, “So, you’re ready to get Jensen and Mac out of here? I understand how you will get them clear of town, but how can you be sure that Eddie will be where you need him to be?” Alan asked after the two hunters had outlined their plan and the route they would be taking.

 Jim looked at Alan, appraising whether he would be able to do what it took to help get them out of there. He spoke, “Oh, that’s real simple, Mr Ackles. How do you feel about betraying your son?”

 Alan started in shock at what Jim said, “I don’t know what you mean? I have done enough damage to Jensen. I can’t do anything else to hurt him.” He sounded adamant but Jim stood in front of Alan and placed his hand on his shoulder.

 “You said you’d do anything to help Jensen. Now it’s time to back up those fine words with action.” Jim’s comment brooked no argument; he took the shaken man to the lap top and outlined the final part of the escape plan.

 Jim walked out of the kitchen to find Jensen sitting up. He looked tired and Jared was looking at him, worry plain on his face. “Listen, Jay, will you stop staring at me like that? I’m not going to pass out, and you can turn the puppy eyes down. You know I’ve got to get ready to get out of here. So you either help me back upstairs or shall I get Kane to help me?” Jensen smirked as Jared glowered, then Jensen shuffled forward and got ready to stand up.

 The moment Jensen tried to stand up Jared leapt to his feet and helped him, waiting for Jensen to adjust to the change in altitude and the pain flooding through him.

 “Look! Just take the damn painkillers and let us do the rest. All you need to do is sit in the truck. I think you’ve more than proved that you’re no how about letting us take care of you?” Jared wrapped his arm round Jensen’s waist and helped him limp forward, scowling as he did so.

 Jensen was breathing heavily, but there was a determined look on his face, “Oh Hell, no! Do you really think I’m gonna miss Kane getting all biblical on Eddie’s ass? I’ll take the pills later. Will you be helping Kane or just holding my knight in shining armour’s cloak while he defends my honour? I’ll tell you what.... you can tuck me into bed later. I’ll even let you hold my hand if you ask nicely.” Jared halted at the foot of the stairs and glared at Jensen when he said that, Jensen just smiled unrepentantly. Jared had had enough of watching Jensen struggle as he tried to climb the first step. Jared picked him up, ignoring the squeak of protest Jensen gave when Jared carried him upstairs.

 As they disappeared they heard Jared say, “Stop complaining. Besides, you don’t want your knight to put his back out because he’s had to carry you upstairs. I don’t mind waiting for you to crawl up on your hands and knees but I think your mom might not like having Eddie in here, offering his help.”

 Alan watched in amusement; Donna was grinning and Jim looked at Mackenzie with a raised eyebrow, “They’ve been arguing since Jensen woke up. Jared wants him to take the pain pills, Jensen won’t and you just saw the ongoing debate. He said he’ll take the antibiotics, but the others can wait. So when are we getting out? I’ll just have to pack quickly and ring college. I should be able to catch up with my course but I need to check.”

 Chris stepped forward, “We’ll be out of here in the next hour, and do you want some help, Mac? Besides, I need to make sure those two don’t kill one another. We’ve worked too hard to rescue Jensen to have Jared throttle him now.” Mac laughed, stood up and went to the stairs with Chris behind her.

 Donna, Alan and Jim stood there. Jim turned to them, “I promise you those two idjits will take good care of them. They won’t let anything happen to ‘em. Besides, Chris and Jared know full well I’ll kill ‘em if anything does. “

 Donna was smiling fondly at the retreating figures, “Oh, I’m sure they will be fine, Jim. I think our children will be very safe. I’m just not so sure about Jared and Chris.” The look she gave Jim was knowing and Jim nodded in return, a glint in his eye.   Alan went to speak; Donna gently laid her hand on his arm, “Don’t worry, sweetheart. Everything’s fine.”   Alan looked at Donna and Jim in resignation and sighed, knowing he’d been out manoeuvred once more.  

 The next hour passed in a whirlwind of activity. Mac packed for college and Chris grumbled about how much stuff he was having to transport. Mac smiled sweetly and stuck her tongue out at him.   Jared was also packing his truck with Jensen’s stuff but there was only a suitcase and he crowed at Chris as he staggered by with another bag, “Do you want some help there, Sir Kane? Or will you be ok on your perilous quest?”

 Kane muttered back “Fuck you, Padalecki! Don’t just stand there, help me, or shall I set Jensen on you. After all, he wants his hero in tip-top condition.” Chris just managed to duck out of the way of Jared swiping at the back of his head.

 After the packing was completed Jared and Chris made a few more trips to their trucks. Jim was waiting for them on the last trip. “Did the deputies see you guys?” Jim asked.

 “Hell Jim, the only thing we didn’t do was walk up to ‘em and knock on the window. The sheriff and Eddie should be aware that something is going on by now. Are we ready to go, or do we need a few more minutes before I call Aldis?” Chris was looking out of the door at the deputies’ car and it was parked ‘inconspicuously,’ right in their line of sight.

 Jim looked round the lounge and his eyes came to a halt on the couch where the Ackles’ sat. They were all staring at Jensen and what he was wearing. Mac was openly grinning at her brother, Jensen glared back at her. He sat there in his jeans and one of Jared’s oversized hoodies. By Jim’s estimation it looked like Jensen had gained twenty pounds since he’d been upstairs with Jared and his feet seemed to have increased by two sizes. Before Jim could speak Chris turned back from the door, caught sight of Jensen, gave a shit-eating grin to Mac and then he looked at Jared.

 “So then Sasquatch, are you expecting some cold weather? How many damn layers have you got him wrapped up in? It’s January in Texas not the frigging Arctic.” With that, Chris gave in and started to laugh followed by Mac and the rest of the family.

 Jensen’s face had been a picture of misery before, but now his bottom lip positively jutted out, “Don’t you start! I can barely move by damn arms. I’ve got three sweaters on under this. I’m boiling to death. As for my feet, it’s Jared’s idea to protect them. I’m wearing two pairs of thick socks, and I couldn’t get my own boots on. I’ve had to borrow these boats he calls boots.”  With that, Jensen tried to fold his arms but gave up in disgust.

 Jim shook his head in amusement. He looked at Chris who nudged Jared forward, “Come on, Sasquatch. Let’s get him out of some of those sweaters, before he melts.” Jared gave a long-suffering sigh and moved towards Jensen.

 Two sweaters later Jensen looked a little more comfortable. He agreed that the boots were a good idea and they would allow him to be able to walk with Jared’s help. Now they sat waiting for Jim to give them the word to move.

 “Ok, children, are we all packed and ready to go? Right, then. It’s time, Mr Ackles.” Jim picked up the telephone and handed it over to Alan.

 Alan looked over at Jensen, apology clear in his eyes and began to dial as Donna slipped her hand in his. Alan heard the call connect and as it rang he took a deep breath. Finally the call was answered.

 “Hello, sheriff, it’s Alan Ackles. I’m calling about Jensen.”




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