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Dance As If There Is No One Else In The Room. A Fic!

Title: Dance As If There Is No One Else In The Room.
Pairing: J2
Rating: PG ish
Words: Approx 750 (short not necessarily sweet!)
Summary:  Jared watches Jensen dance.
Disclaimer:  Sadly they are not mine, I wish it were so, but santa said I‘d been a bad girl.
Warnings: Not beta’d, first attempt at Fic be gentle, please?
A/N: This was written for the dancing challenge slip_it_in_j2  for the wondeful hay1ock  and garvaldmains .  I appologize now for this but i just couldn't resist it.

Jared turned the key in the door and as he stepped through he was engulfed by  an eight legged tidal wave, he bent down to greet Sadie and Harley as they milled around him, tails wagging, smiling as he greeted them both and in time they wandered off to carry on doing whatever it was that had them so enthralled before he arrived.  “Jen!” he called there was no answer Jared was not too surprised by this, it usually meant that Jensen was either asleep on the couch or was in the shower, now there was a thought ! He turned to go upstairs in search of Jensen when a noise from the kitchen caught his attention.  Jared cautiously approached the room just to be safe, he wasn’t worried, hell he was a six foot four  Sasquatch sex god! well according to Jensen after a couple too many tequilas, plus with all the fight training he did for Sam he was pretty sure he could look after himself.  The sight that met his eyes though stopped him short.

Jensen was standing in front of the sink washing up! Well that in itself was an event to celebrate as neither of them where what you could call domesticated, but  as he was performing this miracle Jensen was dancing., he had his I-pod on and Jared stood and drunk in the sight .  Jensen was wearing  a worn T-shirt and sweats that had ridden low on his hips and those hips at the moment were moving in time to a song Jared couldn’t hear , he went to take a step forward but decided to continue watching Jensen move for  the moment and he had to admit it was as sexy as hell simply because Jensen had let all his usual defences slip away and had let go enough to just move with the music, no self conscious awkwardness, Jared could just see that while he moved Jensen had his eyes closed and he was softly singing along, gradually loosing himself more and more.

Jared was reminded of something his mom always said “ when you dance you should always dance as if there is no one else in the room” Jared knew what she meant and he had the pictures of himself to prove it! Jensen on the other hand , well he was too shy to do that,  always aware of the eyes that followed him round the room.  Jensen  knew how to “play” sexy you only had to look at Dean to see that and  he could flirt with the best when he had to and he had shown some moves during Asylum but this  right here and now was probably the sexiest damn thing Jared had seen in a long time.  There was no tension in Jensen’s shoulders and as he moved Jared could see the flex of his back muscles, he was relaxed, he bobbed his head in time to the beat his hair was still longer than usual as he had yet to  “go Dean” and as he moved every so often the T- shirt rode up slightly to give a glimpse of  back.  

Jensen spun round moving his feet, a smile gently playing across his face, when he suddenly felt another presence in the room his eyes snapped open and he stopped dancing, his hand rubbing down the back of his head like Dean when he felt self conscious,  a blush creeping up his face, he went to remove his  I-pod from his ears when Jared moved forward shaking his head stepping round Jensen so he stood behind him , he placed his hands on Jensen’s hips stepping close to him and whispered “ will you dance for me again?” Jensen shivered slightly and started to move again this time Jared moved with him and once again Jensen relaxed into the music leaning into Jared as he did so, Jared let Jensen lead him ,loving the feeling of Jensen pressed close to him and how in times like these he saw the real Jensen, sensual, beautiful and laid bare from all the barriers he usually raised against the world.

“Don’t you want to know what you’re dancing too?” asked Jensen , Jared smiled at him leaning closer replying “No, when I’ve got you to dance with who needs  music!” kissing his neck he heard Jensen say “sap”  once again that same soft smile lit up his face as they continued to dance.

Tags: challenge: 04, fic, j2
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