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09 November 2018 @ 08:07 pm
Wings of Desire Part 2  
Part 2


“Jensen Ackles.”  The table rippled into life and Jensen appeared.., He wasn’t wearing his glasses and his clothes were casual as he was pushed a shopping cart around a supermarket. Jared spotted Jeff as he followed Jensen, he was invisible to the human eye, but Jared could see him plainly as he tried to avoid knocking displays over with his wings.

Jared suddenly had a sense of danger, it was a good sense for a Guardian Angel to have and he looked around to see what had caused it.

A member of staff was working on a large pyramid of cans and Jensen was getting close to it, the young man wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing as he was distracted by a group of girls walking by. As he turned his head to watch them go, he reached out,dislodged a row of cans and started an avalanche.

Jensen was blissfully unaware of the impending disaster as he walked along looking at his shopping list. Then one of his shoe laces caught in the wheel of his cart, and he cursed as the wheel smacked into his ankle making his eyes water. He looked up in shock as the cans clattered to the floor in front of his cart, “Damn that was lucky I could’ve been under that lot.” Jensen crouched down to untangle his shoe lace as Jeff smiled down at him.

Jared was impressed with Jeff’s quick thinking, even he would’ve never thought of untying Jensen’s shoe laces and tangling them in the cart’s wheel, all Jensen suffered was a slight graze on his ankle, it could’ve been much worse if he’d been caught in an avalanche of canned pumpkin.

The next time Jared caught up with Jensen, he was running in the park. It was a crisp Fall day and Jensen saw a pile of leaves in the middle of the path. He looked around to make sure no one was watching, and he ran towards them with a smile. Again, Jared had a sense of danger and he spotted a rake lying among the leaves, if Jensen stepped on it there’d be a very good chance, he’d break his nose.

Jeff saw the same danger and flapped his wings, scattering the leaves. Jensen saw the rake just in time and managed to jump over it. He shook his head and carried on running with Jeff accompanying him every step of the way.

It had been over a week since Jared had assigned Jeff to Jensen and so far, he’d prevented five accidents and Jensen was for once almost bruise free. In hindsight Jared should’ve known this couldn’t continue forever as he cast a watchful eye over Jeff to see how he was doing.


Jeff stood in the corner of the kitchen as Jensen cleaned up after dinner, he was singing happily to himself as he loaded the dishwasher. Jeff was pleased he’d been able to stop Jensen from getting hurt, and he’d been surprised that Jensen was a little disappointed he couldn’t find the mysterious stranger who’d saved him in the bar. Jeff was certain Jensen would soon forget about his ‘Guardian Angel’ and move on.

Of all the charges Jeff had looked after, Jensen was easily the most interesting. For a start, the way Jensen could trip over thin air made life exciting. He also enjoyed the man’s dry sense of humour and Jensen had an eclectic taste in music. He listened to everything from Mozart to Metallica and it provided a constant soundtrack to his day, from his early morning runs to working on his lesson plans. Jensen was either listening to music or singing, if Sandalphon Master of Music ever heard Jensen sing, he would’ve gotten a solo spot in the heavenly host within days.

Jeff was so engrossed with Jensen’s rendition of Thunderstruck as he rinsed his dishes in the sink, he failed to see the impending danger as Jensen lifted a large glass casserole dish out of the sink. The glass was wet, and Jensen wasn’t holding tightly enough. The dish slipped, and Jensen fumbled for it, but it slipped through his fingers. As he tried to grab for it, he stumbled into the open dishwasher door and fell over it as the dish smashed on the floor.

Jensen landed hard amongst the broken glass, one of the jagged pieces embedded itself in Jensen’s arm just below the elbow. “Fuck!” Jensen shouted as blood spurted from the small deep wound.

Jeff was beside him in an instant. He could tell that an artery had been nicked, and even Jensen realized there was something drastically wrong as he struggled to his feet and grabbed a towel to try and staunch the bleeding.

Jeff considered reaching out to heal the wound but that would give away his presence, all he could do was slow the bleeding until Jensen got to the E.R. He watched helplessly as Jensen blundered around trying to find his phone, everywhere he went he left a trail of blood. Jeff had to do something soon before Jensen passed out from blood loss, he had an idea he just hoped it would work as he offered a prayer for forgiveness and vanished.

Jared was rooted to the spot in heaven as he watched events unfolding, he wondered where Jeff had gone when there was a knock at Jensen’s apartment door.

Jensen felt sick as his arm throbbed, he’d cut himself badly before, but he was certain he’d never felt a wound pulse with every beat of his heart. He started to panic as he felt increasingly woozy and light headed, he wanted to sit down and rest, but even in his confused state he knew that would be a mistake. Jensen shook trying to stop the banging, then he realized it wasn’t in his head there was someone knocking on his door. Yes! There was someone at the door, Jensen staggered towards it determinedly.

He gritted his teeth and let go of the scarlet stained towel, holding his arm close to his body as he reached for the latch, the blood on his fingers made it hard to keep a grip on the handle. Jensen took a deep breath and tried again, this time he was successful, and he managed to open the door. He pulled it open and stared in shock at who was on the other side,” Jeff?” He croaked as he stumbled back.

When Jeff saw Jensen’s wound, he had decided there was only one course of action open to him. He vanished from the apartment and stood on the other side of the door. He knew the apartment opposite was empty, well now it had a new tenant. He looked over his shoulder and watched the door swing open.

Jeff mantled his wings and they faded from view, and like they had at the bar and he summoned more human friendly attire of jeans, sweatshirt and sneakers perfect for a man moving into his new home, then he knocked Jensen’s door.

It didn’t take much acting to school his features into a mask of shock when Jensen opened the door. Jensen was pale and shaking and the towel was stained with blood, “Jensen? Oh god what happened?” Jeff gasped as he took in Jensen’s appearance. The wound on his arm wasn’t his only injury, his knees were bleeding where the glass had sliced through his sweat pants and his arms were littered with tiny cuts. Jeff gently took hold of Jensen’s elbow to support the injured arm and as he did, he healed the damage to the artery, the wound still bled but not as profusely. “Jensen, are you alright? I think I should take you to the E.R. That looks pretty bad.”

“What are you doing here?” Jensen asked swaying a little as he tried to figure out where Jeff had suddenly come from.

“Hey Jeff, where do you want this box? Holy crap, what happened here?” Jensen looked at the newcomer. He was carrying a box up the stairs and by the frightened look on his face he must’ve thought he’d stumbled into a horror movie.

Jeff stared in shock at his superior, Jared was standing there dressed in jeans as well. It looked as if the Commander was here to help him. Jared gave him an encouraging nod and Jeff took a deep breath and spoke, “Jared, will it be alright for you to dump the rest of boxes in the apartment while I run Jensen to the E.R.?”

Jared nodded, “Sure thing, do you want to take my car, yours still has the U Haul trailer hooked up to it.” Jared held the box with one arm and pulled a set of keys out of his pocket. As Jared tossed them to Jeff, he got a picture of a silver Toyota, he smiled in thanks.

“Thanks, I owe you for this.” Jeff replied as he gently guided Jensen out of the door.

Jensen managed to get his wits about him, “I need my keys, my wallet and my phone if you can find it. I’d better ring Chris when I’m in the E.R. to tell him I won’t be at his place tonight. I was going to help behind the bar while him and Steve were on stage.”

Jeff let go of his arm once he was satisfied Jensen wasn’t going to collapse. “Where are they? I’ll get them for you.”

“My wallet is on the bedside table along with my keys and I’ve got no idea where my phone is.” Jensen swayed a little and Jared put his box down and put his arm around to steady him. Jensen closed his eyes as a wave of warmth washed over him, it felt as if he was wrapped in a soft downy blanket.

“Go on, I’ve got him.” Jared prompted, and Jeff ran back into the apartment.

As soon as he was out of sight of Jensen, he summoned the wallet, keys and phone to him, the keys and wallet floated from the bedroom and for some inexplicable reason Jensen had put his phone in the cookie jar. As he ran back outside Jeff thought he’d have to ask Jensen about that one day.

Jeff closed the apartment door behind him and went over to Jared, “While you’re at the E.R, I’ll bring the rest of your boxes up.” Jared said.

Jeff looked at his Commander, “I don’t know how to thank you for this.”

Jared winked, “You just keep on doing your job. Now get going.”

Jeff helped Jensen to the car and by the time they’d reached the Toyota, Jeff was supporting most of Jensen’s weight. As Jeff put Jensen in the car, his hand lingered on his knee and Jeff sent a pulse of healing into him. Jensen’s colour became better and he sat up straighter in the seat.

Jeff got behind the wheel of the car and started the engine. He took a moment to get used to the car before releasing the brake and he drove away carefully. Jeff was quite pleased with himself as he drove, he was keeping the car in a straight line, he hardly had to use his powers to keep other cars away from them. He glanced over at Jensen and noticed his eyes were closing, “Hey Jensen stay with me, what happened?”

Jensen jolted awake and he focused on Jeff, “Oh the usual, I was being a klutz. I was putting a casserole dish into the dishwasher when it slipped out of my hand. Instead of just letting it go, I tried to catch it, I missed, fell over the open dishwasher door and landed right in the middle of the broken glass. Just your average Wednesday.” He moaned softly as he cradled his arm. “Damn that’s sore, I hate it when they have to dig bits of glass out of me. Ah well it could’ve been worse.”

“Worse how?” Jeff wondered what Jensen classed as worse.

“For a start, it’s only a little piece of glass, you should’ve seen the last piece the E.R. docs had to pull out of my side. I was lucky you came to the door when you did, I would’ve really been in trouble if you hadn’t knocked.” Jensen frowned, “By the way what were you doing at my front door? Were you moonlighting again?” He grinned at Jeff, and Jeff felt a strange heat suffuse his face. He looked in the driver’s mirror and realized he was blushing.

“No, not moonlighting, just moving in. I was going to ask to borrow some sugar; Jared, the guy who’s helping me move, has one hell of a sweet tooth. He has to have three spoons of sugar in his coffee and a constant supply of cookies, but it’s a small price to pay for his help.” Jeff glanced over at Jensen who was smiling at him.

“Dude, you really need better pick up lines. First there was the whole Guardian Angel thing and now you’re wanting to borrow some sugar. Next you’ll be inviting me over to see your etchings.” Jensen laughed, and Jeff joined in, “Or have I got my very own Angelic stalker?” Jensen yelped when Jeff swerved the car in shock. “What was that?”

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have taken my eyes off the road, at least we’re heading for the E.R.” They rounded a bend and Jeff was relieved to see the hospital, he stopped the car and got out, “I’ll get you inside, then I’ll wait for you.”

Jensen shook his head, “There’s no need, I’ll call Chris to get me when they’ve patched me up.”

“No, I’ll wait with you.” Jeff told him firmly. Before Jensen could say anything else, they were surrounded by nurses and porters. The last Jeff saw of Jensen, he was being put into a wheelchair and pushed away.

Jeff went outside and parked the car, when he came back a nurse approached him. “Hi, are you Jeff?”

“Yes, is something wrong with Jensen? “Jeff panicked; surely nothing serious had happened in the few minutes he’d been gone.

“Don’t worry he’s fine, he just needs a little help with the insurance forms.” The nurse patted Jeff’s arm in a comforting manner as she led him through the E.R. “Don’t get me wrong, most of us here know Jensen’s details off by heart. But the rules say he needs to fill the documents in every time he’s here.” They arrived at a curtained off cubicle and the nurse pulled the curtain back and handed him a pile of papers and a pen, “As his boyfriend you must know how accident prone, he is.”

Jeff was about to tell the nurse that he wasn’t Jensen’s boyfriend, when he looked inside the cubicle and saw Jensen lying on the bed giving Jeff a pleading look. Jeff took a firm hold on the papers and walked past the nurse as she addressed Jensen, “I’ve found him for you. The doctor will be with you shortly.”

Jeff pulled up a chair and sat down beside the bed, “Boyfriend, do you have a thing for guys who swoop in and save you?” He asked with a twinkle in his eye.

Jensen blushed, and Jeff was struck by how adorable his freckles were, “No, and in my defence the Fireman who got me out of my bath was hot.”

Jeff’s eyebrows shot up, “Do I want to know?”

Jensen’s blush deepened, “Trust me, ignorance really is bliss in that case, I told them you were my boyfriend, so I’d have some company while I waited for the doctor. Plus, you’ve got two functioning arms,” He nodded at his arm and waved his hand at Jeff, even that tiny movement was agony and the colour drained from his face, “Shit that was stupid.” He muttered as his arm throbbed sickeningly, a hand rested on his shoulder and the pain faded a little. He looked up to see Jeff standing by the bed with a look of concern on his face.

“You only want me for my penmanship, I feel used.” Jeff smiled, and Jensen felt his heart skip a beat as the lines around his brown eyes deepened.

Jensen laughed, “I would’ve thought it came with the territory of being a Guardian Angel, helping people in their hour of need. I’m in need of someone who can fill a form in without leaving blood all over the place.”

Jeff sat down, “In that case I’d better fulfil my duty as a Guardian Angel. We’ll start with the easy questions.”

Jensen interrupted with a smile, “Jensen, Ross Ackles, the first of March nineteen seventy-eight and I’m a teacher.”

Jeff nodded as he wrote, he knew all of this it was in Jensen’s file in heaven. When they moved onto allergies Jeff was already writing none before Jensen told him, then came previous visits to the E.R. “I hope they gave you extra paper, there’s been a few.”

Jeff looked up, “Are you really that accident prone?”

Jensen smiled sheepishly, “Chris is surprised I’ve made it this far in one piece; for my birthday this year he threw a party and invited all the E.R. doctors and nurses who’ve treated me to thank them for their help over the years.” Jensen grinned. “The place was packed, and Chris made a fortune, say what you like about my best friend he really knows how to do business.” Jensen’s expression changed, and he fumbled around in his pocket, “Shit, I better call him.”

Jeff reached out and took the phone off him, “Relax, I’ll call him when the doctor arrives.”

“Thanks, you’re a lifesaver, if I turn up at his place covered in bandages, he’ll kill me. Although he makes fun of me, he can be a little over protective.”

“I’ll bear that in mind when I call him.” Jeff replied.

Jeff finished filling the forms just as the curtain was pulled back and the doctor walked in.  The doctor looked at Jensen and smiled, “You know if you really wanted to see me again, all you had to do was call. I think this is a little excessive.” He gestured at the blood-soaked towel.

“Hi Matt, good to see you too, how’s things?” Jensen asked as Matt pulled on a pair of gloves ready to get to work

Jeff stood up, “I think that’s my cue to leave, I’ll call Chris and let him know what’s happened.”

Matt gave Jeff a sympathetic look, “Good luck with that, I hope you’ve brought protective gear.”

Jeff gave the doctor a puzzled look, and Jensen tried not to laugh, “Have I missed something?”

“I hate to ruin the surprise, now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see what Jensen’s done to himself this time.” Matt pulled up a stool and reached for the towel on Jensen’s arm as Jeff slipped out of the cubicle.

As Jeff scrolled down Jensen’s contact list he listened to Matt and Jensen’s conversation. “You’ve been very lucky.”

“You know you’ve got a strange definition of luck, I’ve got a piece of glass stuck in my arm.”

“You know exactly what I mean, any deeper and it would’ve sliced through your artery. It’s still a nasty injury though. I’m going to run some tests to see if you’ve done any nerve damage, then we’ll see about getting the glass out and the cut stitched. I’ll get one of the nurses to clean the other cuts up as well.”

Jeff stepped away from the treatment area and pressed dial, the phone was answered after two rings, “Jenny, you’d better not be ringing to tell me you’re not coming.”

“Hi Chris.” Before Jeff could say anything else, he was greeted by a menacing growl.

“Who the hell are you, and what are you doing with Jensen’s phone.”

Jeff was impressed with the implied threats of violence Chris managed in so few words, “It’s Jeff from the other day, I’m at the E.R. with Jensen.” Jeff thought it would be better to break the news quickly.

“We don’t hear from you in a week and suddenly you’re taking Jensen to the E.R. Why?” Jeff suddenly got the impression that Chris was about to drive over to the E.R and there was a very good chance he’d end up in the cubicle next to Jensen if Chris didn’t like his answer.

“I was moving into my new apartment and I needed to borrow some sugar. Believe me I was more than a little surprised when I knocked on the door and Jensen answered it.” Jeff explained, hoping Chris wasn’t going to be armed when he arrived, he didn’t think Jensen would appreciate him smiting his best friend, even if it was in self-defence.

“That still don’t explain the trip to the E.R.” Chris was growing quieter and Jeff had the feeling that wasn’t a good sign.

“When Jensen answered the door, he was bleeding, he’d fallen and cut his arm, I brought him straight here and I waited for the doctor to arrive.”

“Shit, it ain’t a good-looking guy by the name of Matt by any chance?”

“Yes, is that a problem?” Jeff was ready to burst through the curtain and haul the doctor away from his charge if he was a danger to him.

“Depends on how you view one of Jensen’s ex boyfriends treating him. Damn that boy, if he ain’t breaking his arm, his breaking his damn heart. Tell him I’m on my way.”

“Who, Jensen or Matt?” Jeff asked with a smile.

“Well, I’d love a few words with Matt about dumping people by text, but I’d better come over and pick Jensen up.” Jeff heard keys jingling and he knew Chris was heading for his car.

“There’s no need, I promised I’d stay with him, I don’t mind taking him home, do you want me to call you when we get back?” Jeff asked.

“You’re what?” The menace was back in Chris’ voice and Jeff felt a shiver of fear run down his spine, he’d faced down demons who’d sounded friendlier.

“Look you’re working and I’m already here, I might as well take Jensen home when Matt’s patched him up.” Jeff was proud that his voice didn’t shake when he spoke, he’d rather face Thaddeus again than incur the wrath of this human.

“Huh, alright then, but I want chapter and verse on what he’s done this time. And Jeff.”


“Take real good care of Jensen, after all I know where you live now.” There was a click and the phone went dead.

Jeff took a deep breath and looked heavenwards; if it was a choice between pissing Chris off and being assigned to the garrison on the border of hell, he’d have his bag packed in under five minutes and be ready to move to a warmer climate. Jeff sat himself down and waited, he watched as another doctor went into the cubicle. He sat there for nearly an hour before Matt and the other doctor left, and a nurse went in. Jeff stood and walked towards the curtain slowly fading from view as he stepped beyond the curtain to see what was happening.

The nurse was standing by the bed and she was pulling on a pair of gloves, “Ok Mr Ackles, I’m just going to give you some local anaesthetic and I‘ll get those other cuts cleaned up.” As she busied herself readying the injections Jeff took the opportunity to check his charge.

Jensen’s left arm was heavily bandaged, and he was still too pale with dark shadows beneath his eyes. Jensen looked at the nurse and smiled warmly, “Hey there Michelle, you can drop the Mr Ackles routine, you’ve used my ass a pin cushion way too many times for that.”

Michelle returned the smile, “You know you’re very lucky, usually with that deep a wound you’d need a blood transfusion, but the doctors managed to stop the bleeding in time.”

Jeff smiled, it wasn’t the doctor’s skill that saved Jensen, it had been a little angelic healing. He may not have been able to heal all the damage, but he’d done what he could without arousing suspicion.

Michelle picked up a pair of shears and started to cut Jensen’s pants away he winced, and she looked up and frowned. Jeff hovered closer fear washing over him. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“I love these jeans, I hate to see them go.” Jensen patted his leg and continued mournfully, “Goodbye old friends I’ll miss you, the nights we’ve had down at Kane’s will always hold a special place in my heart.”

Michelle pointed the shears at Jensen and said warningly, “Stop that you nearly gave me heart failure, I thought I was going to have to fetch Doctor Cohen back.”

“And that would be a hardship because?” Jensen winked at her when she blushed.

“Looks like I’m not the only member of the Doctor Sexy Fanclub.”  She teased.

“I’m a founding member, sadly dating the guy whose job it is to keep putting you back together after you’ve done something stupid is hazardous for a relationship. It seems Matt really wasn’t into pain, I think he decided to date someone more boring in the end. Isn’t his current boyfriend a Navy Seal?” Jensen laughed as Michelle rolled her eyes at him.

Although he joked with the nurse Jeff felt Jensen’s sadness, and he wished there was something he could do to make Jensen feel better. But his job was to keep him safe not mend a broken heart. Jeff watched as Michelle picked up a syringe and Jensen tensed, “No matter how many of those things I have, I still hate them.”  Jensen shuddered, and Jeff heard his heart beat faster.

“I know sweetheart, but this would hurt a hell of lot more if I didn’t give you this.” Michelle smiled sympathetically as she gently squeezed Jensen’s hand.

Jensen nodded then lay back and closed his eyes, Jeff reached out and laid his hand on Jensen’s shoulder, helping to take the pain away and to calm him while Michelle injected him with local anaesthetic. In only a few seconds Jeff’s calming touch relaxed Jensen so much he was almost asleep. Michelle worked in silence, carefully cleaning the glass out of the cuts on Jensen’s legs, then she fetched Matt to suture the worst of the injuries.

By the time Michelle was done, she’d cleaned and bandaged the wounds, and she gently patted Jensen’s ankle, “Right, according to your records your tetanus shot is up to date, we’ll prescribe some antiseptic cream for the cuts. It looks like you’re good to go.”

Jensen looked down at his bandage covered legs in surprise as he rubbed his eyes, “Damn you’re good, I hardly felt a thing.” He said around a yawn and Jeff beamed with pride. He’d never been very good with fine control of his powers before, but he’d managed to keep Jensen calm and relaxed while Michelle had been busy pulling glass out of him.

Jensen sat up and was about to try and get off the bed when Michelle stopped him “Oh no you don’t, you’re not going to screw up all my hard work, by hobbling out of here. I’ll get a porter and we’ll put you in a wheelchair and you can go out in style whether you like it or not.” She ignored the way Jensen pouted at her, “By the way is there anyone with you?” She asked as pulled off her surgical gloves and dropped them in the trash.

Jensen smiled, “Hopefully my new neighbour is still out there waiting for me, I’m really going to owe him big time for this. I think it’s going to take more than a couple of beers to say thank you.”

“Good looking guy with salt and pepper hair?” Michelle asked as she pulled open the curtain slightly and Jensen nodded.

Jeff moved swiftly by the time Michelle peeked out of the curtain he was back in his seat. She waved at him and he stood and walked over to the cubicle. “Is Jensen ok?”

“He’ll be fine in a couple of weeks, he’ll definitely be a bit sore in the morning. I’ve told him no bungy jumping until the stitches are out.”

“All I’m going to do this weekend is lie on the couch and watch as much crappy TV as I can take. I’ll leave all the exciting stuff to Jeff over there.”

Jeff smiled, “Who me? After I’d finished moving my stuff in, I was going to do the same as you.”

“In that case why don’t we watch crappy TV together, it’s always more fun to have company when you’re shouting at the screen.” Jensen offered with a shy smile, “I’ll even cook.”

“You can cook?” Jeff grinned, after all the time he’d spent watching Jensen he knew his charge was a genius at the microwave meal and ordering take out.

“Ok you got me, I can order a mean Pizza.” Jensen laughed.

“How can I turn down the offer of fine dining and entertainment.”  Jeff answered and smiled fondly at his charge.


Jared watched events unfold with a slight touch of unease, Jeff was becoming very attached to his charge, maybe even too attached. His office door opened and Osric entered, Jared could tell by the disapproving look on his assistant’s face he had something to say about today’s events.

Jared waved his hand and the table cleared, “Can I help you Osric?” Jared inquired calmly.

Osric straightened his back and puffed out his chest, “Commander, do you know how many rules you and Jeffrey have broken today?”

“No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me.” Jared said with a smile.

Osric frowned, “Commander, this is serious, not only is Jeff directly interacting with his charge but both of you lied to him!  Is it wise to let Jeffrey stay on this assignment, we both know where this could go.” Osric wrung his hands as he spoke, and Jared turned back to the blank table.

“I am aware of what could happen but considering - as you put it - this is not a long-term assignment, I don’t think there is any danger of Jeffrey falling.  Don’t worry, Osric I’m going to keep a close watch on Jeffrey and if I feel it’s necessary, I’ll recall him to heaven at once. Is there anything else?” Jared’s spoke crisply, every inch the Angelic Commander.

Osric snapped to attention, “No, Commander.”

“Good, can you bring in the latest assignments, I want to go over them.” Osric knew a dismissal when he heard one and he left the office quickly.

Jared stared at the blank table. He hadn’t admitted it to Osric, but he was very worried about Jeffrey. He knew that some charges came to mean more to a Guardian Angel than others, and whether you were with them for an hour or a century there was never enough time with them. He learnt that from painful experience, there was another reason he spent so much time in Elizabeth’s heaven. When he was her Guardian Angel, he’d become very close to her and if he was honest, he he’d lost his heart to the quiet unassuming woman. He’d even come perilously close to falling and becoming human for her. But in the end, he remained true to his angelic nature and stood by impassively when the Reapers came for her. Even though he could’ve stopped them and given Elizabeth many more years on earth.

“Jeffrey.” He commanded, and the table rippled, and Jared watched Jeffrey as he drove Jensen home. When the car pulled up outside the apartment building, he knew he’d better make an appearance, after all he was supposedly helping his friend move into his new apartment. In the blink of an eye Jared was gone.


“Hey Jensen, come on wake up.” Jeff spoke softly so as not to startle his charge.

Jensen’s eyes fluttered open and he yawned,” We’re home, good I’m wiped out.” A warm feeling swept over Jeff when Jensen said that. He’d never had a home, just assignments and the Garrison, but here with Jensen it truly felt like coming home.  Jeff was shocked, he had no idea where that had come from, it was dangerous ground and he had to remember his duty as a Guardian Angel; he couldn’t afford to become too attached.

Jeff pulled himself together and managed a smile, “Yeah we’re home, although some of us still have to finish moving in. Jared will be wondering where I’ve got to.” Jeff hoped that’s all Jared would be wondering as he opened the car door and walked round the car.

Jensen opened the passenger door and was trying to get out of the car, “My legs don’t feel like they belong to me.” He complained as he tried to lift his left leg out of the car.

Jeff crouched down and helped him, “That’s because of the local anaesthetic, it’ll wear off soon.”

Jensen groaned, “That’s gonna be fun, I’ll be back to wishing I couldn’t feel my arm and legs later.”

Jeff pointed to the paper bag in Jensen’s hand, “That’s what the painkillers are for.”

Jensen screwed his face up, “I hate those things, they make me loopy, it’s because of these things Kane’s got years’ worth of blackmail material on me.”

Jeff took the pills off Jensen, “If I promise to defend your honour, will you take them?”

Jensen scowled at him, “Fine, but if I start singing This Is Me, you have my permission to shoot me.” Jensen took hold of the door frame and tired to pull himself out of the car one handed.

“Hold on a minute let me help you, put your hand on my shoulder and lean your weight on me.” Jeff braced himself as Jensen leant forward, it was a little awkward, but they managed to get Jensen out of the car.

Jeff closed the car door and wrapped his arm around Jensen’s waist, “Let’s take it slowly, and I’ll soon have you upstairs.”

“I bet you say that to all the boys.” Jensen smirked as Jeff blushed.

Jeff took most of Jensen’s weight as they walked, the warmth of Jensen’s body flowed through his clothes and his skin tingled at the close contact with his charge. Jeff concentrated on getting Jensen upstairs and not how he felt in his arms. By the time they reached the apartment what little colour Jensen had was gone, his jaw clenched with every step and sweat trickled down his face. “That’s it, we’re almost there.” Jeff said encouragingly as he waited for Jensen to pull his keys out of his pocket.

Jeff took the keys off Jensen and inserted them in the key hole just as Jared opened his apartment door. “You’re back, is everything ok?” He asked as he stared at Jeff.

Jeff licked his lips what could he say to his Commander? Everything is fine, but I think I might be falling in love with my charge. Before he could summon up the courage to answer, Jensen took an unsteady step forward and his legs buckled. Jeff wrapped his arms around him and held him close.

“Shit, sorry about that, I think the anaesthetic is wearing off.” Jensen said weakly.

Jeff looked at Jared and spoke to his Commander, “I’ll just help Jensen into his apartment and then I’ll be with you.”

Jared walked towards him and held out a bunch of keys, Jeff took them from him, “Don’t worry, I’ve put most of your boxes in your bedroom, I’ll see you at work on Monday.” Jared patted Jeff on the shoulder and headed for the stairs.

Jared turned and watched Jeff guide Jensen inside the apartment and as he closed the door behind him Jared vanished; he just hoped in the very near future when the Reapers came for Jensen, Jeff would be strong enough to let his charge go.

Inside the apartment, Jeff helped Jensen to the couch and sat him down. He made his way to the kitchen and stepped carefully around the glass and closed the dishwasher. He opened the cupboard where Jensen kept the glasses. Jeff filled a glass with water and made his way back to the couch. He handed Jensen the water, pulled the pills out of his pocket and opened the packet.

Jeff took two tablets out. “Ok, it’s pill time, you are going to be a good boy and take them for me.” He said firmly.

Jensen held out his hand, “I love it when you take control, it makes me all tingly.” He smirked as he took the pills from Jeff’s hand, enjoying how the other man was blushing.

Jeff stepped back and rubbed the back of his neck then he pulled Jensen’s phone out of his pocket and handed it over, “I think you’d better call your friend Kane, before he comes over here and breaks the door down.”

“My door’s perfectly safe, he’s got keys. Ahh well I’d better get lecture over with.” Jensen looked at the phone in his hand then he looked up at Jeff, “You know you’re starting to make a habit of saving me, thank you.”

Jeff shrugged, “Right place, right time. Now, are you going to call Kane, or am I going to have to barricade myself into my place? He was very insistent I rang him as soon as you were home.”

Jensen laughed, “I’d hate my Guardian Angel get his ass kicked by my best friend. Thanks again Jeff, I don’t know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t knocked my door.”

Jeff just nodded, he knew exactly what could’ve happened, but as he hadn’t felt the presence of Reapers, he knew it wasn’t Jensen’s time to die. He was already dreading feeling the cold touch of their presence next to his charge. Jeff shivered, he suddenly didn’t feel like leaving Jensen alone; he looked round the apartment and had an idea, “Look when you’ve rung Chris, why don’t you put your feet up and I’ll clean the glass up for you.”

“You don’t have to do that, I’ll clean it up later.” Jensen yawned and blinked as his eyes became heavy.

Jeff crouched in front of him, “Look it’s no problem, if you pop any of those stitches because you’ve been cleaning up broken glass, Michelle will kill me, and I don’t fancy being beaten to death by a bed pan. Now get calling.” Jeff stood up as Jensen put the phone to his ear.

“Alright, but I’m buying Pizza later.” As Jeff walked into the kitchen, he heard Jensen talking, “No, Chris the Pizza’s it’s not for you, it’s for Jeff. What? oh he’s cleaning my apartment. He’s not taking advantage of me, he’s being a good neighbour.  I know he only moved in this afternoon…. look Chris you are not going to ask Aldis to run a police check on him. And you wonder why my boyfriends never stick around, you’ve chased most of them off with a baseball bat.”

Jeff shook his head as he searched for a dust pan and brush to clean the glass up. Jeff resisted the urge to use his powers, it felt right to be doing this in the human way and as he crouched down and began to clean, he started to hum softly to himself.

Jeff carefully cleaned his charge’s apartment and then he sat down quietly to watch over him. When Jensen didn’t stir, Jeff covered him with a blanket and stayed with him the rest of the night. When Jensen woke in the morning, he found his apartment empty and a note on his kitchen table underneath his phone.

‘I’ll take a rain check on the Pizza, call me if you need anything. Jeff.’


Jensen smiled and looked round his apartment, the glass was gone and there was the smell of pine disinfectant in the air. Jeff had cleaned the place from top to bottom, “If he cooks as well, I might have to ask him to marry me.” Jensen yawned as he made his way to the bathroom.  He peered into the mirror and rubbed his tired eyes, “Damn my contacts are killing me, that’ll teach me to sleep in them.” He took the lenses out and dropped them onto the shelf then he carefully stripped off his ruined T-shirt wincing as his arm protested at the movement. His legs ached, and his knees throbbed as he took off his shredded jeans.

Jensen looked down at himself and muttered, “It’s going to be a bitch trying to shower like this, it’s times like these it really sucks being on your own with no boyfriend to offer you a bed bath.” Jensen sighed as he put the plug in the hand basin and turned on the hot water. When he’d finished his wash, Jensen headed for his bedroom and got dressed then he sat on the bed, he really didn’t feel like being alone today. He’d enjoyed Jeff’s company despite the circumstances. Jensen came to a decision, he got up and went back into the lounge and picked up the phone. “Hi, I’d like to order two Pizzas, please.” When the Pizzas arrived, Jensen took them straight over to Jeff’s. He knocked the door and waited.

Jeff had been with Jensen in the apartment the whole time back in his role as Jeffrey the heavenly assigned Guardian Angel. Waiting patiently outside the bathroom, in case Jensen managed to drown himself in the shower, and when he’d come stumbling out without his contacts, Jeff cleared a path, so Jensen didn’t trip over and do more damage to himself. He also nudged Jensen’s glasses closer to his hand, so he found them easier.  Jeff was happy to sit with quietly with his charge, especially when he ordered Pizza. He fully expected to spend the day watching Jensen watch TV or preparing for his lessons tomorrow. So, he was caught a by surprise when Jensen walked over to ‘his’ apartment and knocked the door.

Jeff materialized inside his apartment and looked round, his Commander had done a good job of making it look like someone was moving in. There were boxes stacked up against the wall and empty take out cartons in the kitchen, he’d have to thank Jared for his help if he wasn’t reassigned for familiarity. Jeff changed out of his robes and back into sweat pants and a T shirt again; he was getting more comfortable in human clothing. He quickly ran his fingers through his hair then opened the door, “Hey Jensen, what a surprise.” He greeted his neighbour with a smile.

“Well I did promise pizza,” Jensen offered Jeff two large boxes.

“Yes, you did but I didn’t expect you to arrive with them at nine o’clock on a Sunday morning.”

Jensen shrugged, “I was going to make brunch, but my arm is out of commission, and trust me you don’t want me to ask Chris to make it. No one likes the third degree with their scrambled eyes.” Jensen grinned as Jeff laughed.

“Very true, in that case come on in and we can have….” Jeff lifted the lid and inhaled the mouth-watering scent of fresh Pizza, “Pepperoni Pizza for breakfast.”

“There’s also Vegetarian.” Jensen said as he walked past Jeff.

“I’m happy with the Pepperoni.” Jeff closed the door and followed Jensen into the apartment. He put the Pizzas on the counter and flipped open the box. He went to the kitchen cupboards and opened one randomly, it was full of glasses, he opened the second one and there were plates. He took two plates out and offered one to Jensen. Jensen quirked an eyebrow at him.

“Consider this my attempt at being civilized and thanks for the Veggie Pizza as well, I’m sure it will count as part of our eight pieces of fruit and vegetable a day.” He took out a slice and offered it Jensen.
Jensen took the plate from Jeff and followed him to the couch, they sat side by side and took a bite.

Jensen moaned appreciatively, “I’d forgotten how good Pizza for breakfast was, I haven’t done this since college.” He turned and grinned at Jeff, there was a long string of cheese dripping down his chin.

“You’ve got something.” Jeff pointed at Jensen’s chin then without thinking he wiped the string of cheese away.

Jensen licked his lip, “Thanks, how’s the move going?” Jensen asked, trying not to lean into the Jeff’s touch.

“I’m getting there, I’ve just got to empty these boxes and I’m done.” Jeff nodded at the pile of boxes.
“Jared didn’t put everything away for you, I could see you had no idea where he’d put the plates. I was the same when Kane helped me move in, I still reorganizing weeks later. How about I help you after breakfast?” Jensen asked as he took another bite of Pizza.

Once again Jeff felt the heady warmth flow through him, he was getting too close to Jensen he really should just thank him for the Pizza then send him back to his apartment. With his powers it would only take a second to ‘unpack’ and he’d be free to continue his invisible Guardianship of his charge. Instead he found himself wanting more time in Jensen’s company, “Are you sure you’re going to be up to it?” Jeff grinned mischievously, “How about if I leave you here on the couch and you can give the orders.”

Jensen punched Jeff on the arm, “I’m not completely helpless, and it looks like all the heavy stuff is already in place, I’m fairly sure I can move some sweaters. Unless those boxes contain your secret Red Room of Pain gear, Mr Gray.” Jensen waggled his eyebrows as he grinned playfully at Jeff.

“Damn my secret is out, I was looking for a pretty young thing to seduce with my collection of floggers.” Jeff purred as he put his hand on Jensen’s leg, he nearly jumped back when he felt a rush of arousal running through Jensen’s body.

“Why thank you, I haven’t been called a pretty young thing in a long time, But I think we should just stick to Pizza and TV watching for now, I don’t think my knees could take me kneeling naked at your feet, right now.” Jensen bantered back his heart beating rapidly at the thought of getting naked with Jeff.

The two men were staring at one another when there was a knock at the door, it broke the spell and they jumped apart. “Jensen, are you in there?”

Jensen swore under his breath, “I don’t know how he does it, I swear Kane’s had a tracker implanted in me. He must’ve bribed a doctor to do it when I was in the E.R. sometime.” He looked at Jeff in silent apology, “You better let him in, he’ll just keep pounding on your door otherwise.”

Jeff stood up and answered the door, Chris was waiting there with an armful of containers filled with food. As Chris walked by him the air was filled with the delicious scent of home baking and Jeff’s stomach rumbled. He put his hand on stomach and frowned, Angels shouldn’t feel hungry, perhaps it was because he was in human form. It had to be that, there was no way he was falling in love with Jensen and becoming human.

Part 3
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PIZZA moment <3

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