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09 November 2018 @ 08:09 pm
Wings of Desire Part 3  
Part 3


“I thought I’d find you here, I’ve just spent ten minutes knocking on your door.” Chris said as he put the containers of food on the counter and looked at the Pizza boxes in disgust. “Pizza for breakfast, what are you, a kid?” He commented as he shoved the box aside.

“More likely you let yourself in and snooped around then came looking for me. What are you up to Chris?” Jensen asked as he got off the couch.

“Who me? Why can’t I come over with food for my best friend,” Chris replied guilelessly.

“Because you’ve got enough there to feed an army;this had not better be one of your and just what are your intentions to Jensen interrogations.” Jensen frowned as Chris loaded a plate with breakfast and handed it over.

“Of course, not Jenny, now be a good boy and eat your breakfast while I get to know your new neighbour better.” Jensen sighed but did as he was told.

Chris put some breakfast on a plate for Jeff and handed it to him, when Jeff took hold of the plate Chris didn’t let go. He smiled unnervingly at Jeff, “Now we could dance round one another all morning, but I think you’re the kind of guy that would appreciate the straight forward approach. Just what the fuck is going on with you and my boy?” Chris’ pale blue eyes focused intensely on Jeff.

“Honestly, I’m just trying to be a good neighbour.”

“Really? I’d say sitting in the E.R for more than four hours is a mite more than neighbourly.” Chris responded with a growl.

Jeff felt a flash of anger and put the plate down, “I don’t know what you’re suggesting, but I’d never hurt Jensen, I just want to help him.” As he spoke a curl of power pulsed through him and he stared right into Chris’s eyes.

To his surprise Chris grinned, “God damn it looks like Jensen finally found himself a man with balls, usually when I growl at his boyfriends they run for the hills, I got a good feeling about you, Jeff. Now eat your breakfast before it gets cold and I’ll help you finish unpacking while Jenny can lie on the couch looking all pale and tragic,”

“Fuck you, I heard that!” Jensen shouted.

Chris winked at Jeff, “You were supposed to, now shut up and eat.”

“Yes, mom.” Jensen replied.

Jeff was bemused as he let Chris lead him to his couch, he really thought that the shorter man was going to grill him but when he’d snapped at him his whole demeanour changed. Now he was sitting there enjoying a delicious breakfast of pancakes, maple syrup and bacon, with the promise of blueberry muffins for later and laughing as Jensen and Chris bickered.

Up in heaven, Jared observed silently as Jeffrey joined in with the laughter and he knew that he should report this ‘human’ behaviour to Thaddeus. But if he did that Jeffrey would be taken away for reprogramming and Jared didn’t want to see that happen to him.  As he dismissed the images and returned to his desk, Jared convinced himself that leaving Jeffrey in place was just to help him become a better Guardian Angel and not because he didn’t want to part Jeffrey from Jensen any sooner than he had to.

Jared continued his observation of Jeffrey and Jensen, for the most part Jeffrey was becoming the consummate Guardian Angel, watching his charge closely and keeping him from harm as much as he was able. Jared didn’t think anyone could’ve prevented the whole unfortunate incident with the stapler, and the school nurse managed to remove the staples with the minimum amount of damage Jensen had only been left with a slight limp.

Then there were the evenings when Jeffrey would go over to Jensen’s apartment and they’d watch TV together. Jared couldn’t help but feel watching a show called Lucifer was just asking for trouble. Jensen also took Jeffrey to Kane’s and Jared watched as the bar’s decorations changed from Halloween black, orange and purple to thanksgiving, orange, brown and red and then to Christmas red, green and gold. Jeffrey quickly became a popular patron of the bar as he managed to hold his own against Kane and proved to be just as overprotective of Jensen as Chris was.

Jared had roared with laughter when Chris and Jeffrey nearly ended up in a fist fight after Jensen tripped over someone’s foot and ended up on the floor. In the end Jensen said acidly, “I’ll just get up myself, shall I?” He got to his feet and left Jeffrey and Chris still tussling in the middle of the bar.

With every day that passed Jared knew Jensen’s time was getting shorter, and he wondered whether now was the time to recall Jeffrey to heaven to prepare him for what was to come, but sometimes fate steps in unexpectedly and derails even heaven’s ineffable plans.

Jeff yawned as followed Jensen during his morning routine, it was Thursday, so it was time for a run, and Jeffrey had paid close attention to the ice under Jensen’s feet. Then on his way to school Jensen stopped off at Starbucks and bought himself a little treat of a venti Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate. As Jensen sipped the sugary drink, Jeff wondered if dentistry was in his remit, he was developing cavities just watching his charge drink it.

For some strange reason Jeff was unsettled, there was a chill in the air and it wasn’t due to the weather. The air around Jensen was colder and the light around him seemed dim and then he knew what was wrong. He’d seen this before not long before The Reapers came for one of his charges. His eyes welled with tears and it felt as if there was a fist around his heart crushing it.

Jeff couldn’t bear the thought of losing Jensen, and for a moment he considered returning to heaven to ask Jared to assign someone else to Jensen in his last days, and then he heard Jensen laugh and he looked at his charge, memorizing his laugh, his smile, the freckles that Jensen hated so much but were adorable. Soon all of this would be just a memory and Jeffrey would be taking care of someone else. Jeff resolved to stay with Jensen to the end, no matter what it cost him.

Jeff stood outside Jensen’s apartment; he’d decided to take Jensen to Kane’s tonight, it was unusual for them to go there during the week, but Jeff wanted his charge to spend time with his friends. He took a deep breath and knocked. Jensen opened the door and gave him a puzzled smile, “Hey Jeff, what’s up?”
“Nothing, I just felt like heading down to Kane’s and I thought I’d ask you along.” Jeff smiled warmly at his charge.

Jensen pushed his glasses up his nose, “I don’t know if I should, I’m trying to make some decorations for the class tree and so far, they look like something out of a Christmas themed horror movie.” He held up a glitter covered hand.

Jeff took hold of Jensen’s arm spun him round and guided him back into his apartment kicking the door closed behind them, “Jensen, I don’t want to drink alone, so if I promise to help you with your decorations, will you come with me and stop me feeling like an old lush?”

“You’re not old.” Jensen smirked at Jeff who pointed to the bedroom door, “Ok I’ll go and get changed. I’d tell you to take a seat, but you’ll have a glitter covered ass, that stuff gets everywhere.”

Jeff reached out and brushed some flakes of red and gold glitter out of Jensen’s brown hair, “So I see.”
Jensen blushed and stumbled backwards, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

While Jeff waited, he looked at the decorations Jensen was making, he’d definitely been enthusiastic with the glitter. Jeff picked up a drooping misshapen shimmering silver something and was still trying to figure out what it was when Jensen came back into the lounge. “It’s supposed to be a snowflake.” Jensen supplied helpfully, and Jeff looked at him and he felt his heart skip.

Jensen was wearing his new favourite jeans; they were slightly worn and fitted him perfectly, hugging his legs and ass. Jeff found himself having some very unangelic thoughts about running his hands over the soft denim while Jensen was still wearing them, and he tried to concentrate on the decoration in his hand but all he could focus on was how Jensen’s burgundy shirt brought out the green in his eyes. His fingers closed around the bedraggled ornament and he felt a spark of power run through his fingers, Jeff glanced down and discovered a delicate crystal snowflake in his hand. He quickly put it down on the table, “Shall we go? I hear Kane’s doing his chocolate eggnog swirl pie tonight.”

Jensen suddenly grabbed his coat and dragged Jeff towards the door, “Why the hell didn’t you say that first?” He asked as he pushed a laughing Jeff out of the apartment.

Jeff sat watching in amazement as Jensen demolished his second slice of pie. He looked over at Chris who was grinning proudly at his best friend, “Now I know why you like him so much, I never seen anyone eat a piece of pie so quickly.”

“Kane loves me for my appetite.” Jensen said around a mouthful of pie.

“Aren’t you afraid you’ll lose your svelte figure eating all that sugar?” Jeff teased.

Jensen shook his head, “I teach first graders, they’re never still, and if I have to, I’ll just run a couple of extra miles in the morning.” Jensen moaned blissfully as he devoured another forkful of pie and Jeff squirmed on his bar stool.

Jeff stood up, he needed to get away from his charge if only for a moment, he was confused by these sudden new and all too human feelings, “I’ll be back in a moment,” he said as he headed for the restroom.
Chris watched Jeff go and leant on the bar watching Jensen intently, “What?” Jensen didn’t like the way Kane was looking at him.

“You ever gonna do something about it?”

“Do something about what?” Jensen pushed the empty plate across the bar.

“You know damn well what I’m talking about. You and Jeff have been dancing around one another for the last few weeks. Seriously Jensen, if you don’t do something soon, I‘ll make a move on him for you. I can’t stand all the longing looks and unresolved sexual tension.”

Jensen picked his beer and took a swig, “Unresolved sexual tension? I thought Steve had banned you from watching Grey’s Anatomy.”

Chris grinned, “God bless DVR. Now quit avoiding the question and get your ass in gear. There’s no time like the present.” Chris pointed up at the bunch of mistletoe hanging up in the middle of the room.

“So, all I need to do is get Jeff to slow dance with me and hey presto! Kane stop watching romantic comedies, they’ll ruin your macho image.” Jensen leant back against the bar and took another drink. “Ow, what was that for?” He exclaimed when Chris smacked him across the back of his head.

“That’s for being a dumbass, just grab the guy and lay one on him.” Kane hissed as saw Jeff coming back.
Jensen rubbed the back of his head and muttered, “I’m pretty sure mistletoe doesn’t work like that.”

For the rest of the evening Jensen ignored Kane’s pointed looks and Jeff was puzzled by Steve’s constant requests for help in a certain part of the bar, he was just cleaning the same table for the third time when Jensen appeared beside him.

As Jeff turned towards him, Jensen looked nervous and he stepped even closer. Jensen licked his lips and said, “I really hope this isn’t as dumb an idea as I think it is.” Jensen reached out, pulled Jeff towards him and kissed him.

As their lips touched, a shock ran through Jeff’s body, every nerve ending lit up and heat rushed through him, he wrapped his arms around Jensen and kissed him back. It was only when the kiss broke and Jensen looked at him with wide eyes that he realized the enormity of what he’d just done. Jeff stumbled back, “I shouldn’t have done that, I’m sorry Jensen I can’t do this anymore.” Jeff turned and ran out of the bar.

Jensen stood there stunned, he looked over at Kane in shock. Kane smacked the bar and yelled at him, “Don’t just stand there, dumbass, go find out what the hell he was talking about! If I find out there’s another guy, I’m gonna wring the bastard’s neck!”

Jensen didn’t know if it was the four bottles of beer or humiliation that made him move, but he ran for the door determined to ask Jeff what the hell had just happened.

Jeff walked away from the bar talking to himself, “Stupid, that was so stupid, Jared will have no option, he’s going to have to have me reprogrammed.” Jeff froze as the realization struck him, “I won’t even remember Jensen anymore, what have I done?”

“What you’ve done is make my night. I want you to hand me your wallet real slow and you won’t get hurt.”
Jeff slowly lifted his head and saw a man standing in front of him, he was wearing a jacket with the hood up and there was a gun pointed right at him. A slow dangerous smile spread over Jeff’s face as he took a step forward, completely ignoring the gun, “Who’s going to get hurt?” He growled, and the man took an involuntary step back as his hand started to shake.

Jensen ran around the corner and his heart stuttered. Jeff was being mugged by some guy with a gun.  Jensen didn’t like the way the gun was waving around and without thinking he sped up, trying to reach Jeff and shouting out as he ran, “No!”

The gun jerked in the man’s hand and he squeezed the trigger, the bullet flew out of the gun towards Jensen. The world slowed as Jeff turned, he wasn’t going to stand by and watch Jensen die because he’d misguidedly tried to protect him. Power roared through Jeff as he saw Jensen being surrounded by the dark figures of reapers, their long spindly fingers clutched at his clothes and the colour began to fade from Jensen’s face as they sucked the life from him.

Jeffrey roared in anguish as his wings burst free, in a split second he was in front of Jensen, pulling him into his arms and enveloping them in his wings. Jeff heard the snarls of the reapers as they were denied their prey.

Jensen stared up at him in shock, “Close your eyes.” Jeff ordered as light poured from him, driving the reapers away. When the last Reaper had vanished, the light faded away and Jeff looked over his shoulder at the man who’d just tried to kill his charge. Jensen was shaking in his arms and he glared at the stunned mugger, “I’ll deal with you later.” Jeff promised as he held Jensen tightly and they disappeared in a ball of blinding white light.

They reappeared in Jensen’s apartment, where Jeff let go of Jensen and watched impassively as he staggered backwards. Jensen was staring at his wings, there was no point in hiding them now.
“What the hell are you?” Jensen gasped.

Jeff’s wings flared out and he smiled, “For a start you’re aiming too far south, like I told you when we first met, I’m a Guardian Angel.  In fact, I’m your Guardian Angel. I’d only just been assigned to you when you fell off the ladder in Kane’s.”

“I just thought it was a pick-up line.” Jensen said weakly, “I think I need to sit down a minute.” As he staggered to the couch Jeff went to help, Jensen shook his head and Jeff backed off.

Jensen sat down heavily, ignoring the clouds of glitter filling the air as he fell back and closed his eyes. He tried to come to terms with the events of the last few minutes. He’d just kissed the man of his dreams, seen him run out of the bar, then he’d chased after him and tried to save his life when he saw him being mugged. Only to dodge a bullet in the arms and wings of the man of his dreams when Jeff turned out to be his Guardian Angel.

Suddenly it all made sense why he felt so safe in Jeff’s company and why he was sure he’d felt Jeff’s comforting presence in the apartment when he was supposed to be alone. Jensen opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling, “Great, I’m falling in love with my Guardian Angel, talk about the ultimate long-distance romance. And I thought my love life couldn’t get any shittier.” Jensen sighed and sat up.

Jensen was about to give Jeff a piece of his mind, but he was distracted by the Angel’s magnificent wing span; so now he had a wing kink, that was interesting. He stared at the wings, at first, he thought they were pure white, but now he looked closely at them, Jensen could see flecks of colour. There were delicate creams and greys and there were even a few pink feathers. Pink feathers? Jensen focused on them and then he saw the blood dripping onto his carpet. Jensen leapt off the couch, “Shit you’re bleeding.” Jensen hovered indecisively; should he go to Jeff or grab his first aid kit, and how the hell did you treat a wounded wing, anyway?

“I can’t be, I’m an Angel, impervious to all mortal weapons.” Jeff sounded puzzled and Jensen moved closer.

“Turn around.” Jensen demanded, and Jeff did as he was told. Jensen gasped when he saw an ugly ragged graze running along one of Jeff’s wings; without thinking he reached out and gently touched the wing and Jeff shivered.

“It looks like the bullet grazed you, I’ll go and get something to clean it ” Jensen went to step away and Jeff’s shoulders slumped, ”Jeff what’s wrong?”

Jeff turned to face his charge and there were tears in his eyes, “Remember when we met, and you asked me what it took for an Angel to fall?” Jensen nodded unsure where this was going. The tears started to fall as he whispered, “If an Angel falls in love with a human they fall and become human themselves.” The tears spilled down his face as Jensen pulled him close and held him.

“Is that so bad?” Jensen asked softly.

Jeff laid his head on Jensen’s shoulder feeling the heat of his body and listening to the steady beat of his heart. “You don’t understand, I won’t get the chance to fall.”


“Because it was your time to die and as your Guardian Angel, I’m supposed to let the Reapers take you then guide you to heaven. But I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t lose you and now I’ve broken our most sacred law. They’ll come for me and take me to be reprogrammed.” Jeff buried his face into Jensen’s neck holding him tightly as he wept.

Shock ran through Jensen’s body when Jeff told him he should be dead, and he felt a fierce sense of protectiveness towards the Angel in his arms who’d risked everything for him. “If this is going to be our last night together let’s make it one to remember.”

Jeff lifted his head and Jensen caressed his face, wiping away the tears as he moved in for a kiss. It was tentative and gentle at first, then Jensen nibbled lightly at Jeff’s bottom lip, from there the kiss went straight from innocent to passionate. Jeff kissed Jensen with abandon, mapping his mouth with his tongue, pulling him closer as his hands roamed over Jensen’s body as he finally discovered just how good Jensen’s ass felt in those jeans.

Jensen was left breathless as the kiss broke and Jeff rained kisses on his face and neck. Jeff was kneading his ass and moaning, then Jeff stopped kissing him and stepped back. Jensen looked up dazedly, “Why’d you stop?” He gasped.

Jeff was starring at him hungrily, “You’re wearing too many clothes.” Jeff rasped out as he tugged at Jensen’s shirt.

“Ok, I can take a hint.” Jensen laughed as he undid a couple of buttons and pulled his shirt and t-shirt over his head and dropped them on the floor as Jeff’s shirt vanished. “That’s cheating.”

“I don’t care, now come here.” Jeff grinned as he pulled Jensen close again, his fingers trailing lightly over Jensen’s skin, making him shiver. “You’re so beautiful.” Jeff murmured, worshipfully discovering new constellations in the freckles on Jensen’s broad shoulders.

“I prefer ruggedly handsome.” Jensen whimpered as Jeff lowered his head and his tongue flicked out, mapping his freckles. Just when Jensen thought it couldn’t get any better, Jeff’s wings enfolded him again, the feathers were soft against his skin and he felt safe and protected in Jeff’s arms. He’d had the feeling he’d felt this before and then it came to him where from. “I hate to break the mood, but is Jared an Angel as well?”

Jeff sighed and rested his head on Jensen’s shoulder again, “He’s my Commander, I was going to be reprogrammed for being useless, but he stepped in and gave me a final chance with you and now I’ve messed it up. I just hope he won’t send Thaddeus for me.”

“No, he won’t.” Jeff spun around and saw Jared standing there, Jeff stepped protectively in front of Jensen, ready to face his fate.

Jared clasped his hands in front of him and spoke, “Jeffrey, do you know why I am here.”

Jeff snapped to attention, “You’ve come to take me to be reprogrammed for my crimes.”

Jared shook his head, “Actually I’ve come to offer you a choice.”

“What kind of choice?” Jeff was shocked when Jensen spoke and stepped from behind him to face Jared.
Jared smiled serenely, “It’s a simple choice, Jeffrey can choose to remain here and become human with all the suffering it entails, or he can return to heaven be reprogrammed and remain a Guardian Angel.”
Jensen frowned, “What do you mean suffering?”

“He will grow old and die like a human, he will endure the loss of those he loves, and his brothers will turn their back on him, Isn’t that suffering enough?” Jared stared pointedly at Jensen.

“What about the family he’d have here, and he has someone who loves him.” Jensen reached out and took Jeff’s hand.

“Very true, but what happens when you die? What will become of Jeff then? Angels who fall for a human never love again when they lose the one they’ve fallen for. They are doomed to live out their lives lost and alone. Is that what you want for Jeffrey?” Jared asked softly, his words cutting into Jensen’s heart as he imagined Jeff alone and in pain.

“Ok that’s behind door number one, how about door number two?” Jensen asked.

“Jeffrey will be born anew, ready to pick up the mantle of Guardian Angel, filled with duty ready to serve mankind with humility.” Jared explained.

Jensen felt Jeff squeeze his hand, he looked at him and saw sorrow in his eyes. “When you say born anew?”

“Jeff will remember nothing of his old existence, he will be an empty vessel to mould as we see fit. I think he’d make a perfect soldier.”

“He won’t remember anything?” Jensen whispered horrified by the prospect of this kind, gentle soul being turned into an empty unfeeling warrior.

Jared turned his attention back to Jeff, “Have you made your choice, Jeffrey?”

“Whoa, hold on, he needs more than a minute to decide about something like that.” Jensen stood in front of Jeff and cupped his face. “Whatever happens, I have loved every moment I’ve had with you, and I’ll always remember you. Thank you for making my life better,” Jensen kissed Jeff lightly on the lips.

Jeff looked at Jensen and smiled, there had never really been a choice for him, he’d been falling from the moment he’d saved Jensen in the bar. Jeff lifted his head threw back his shoulders and answered his commander. “I choose to remain here, I’d rather walk this world alone with just my memories of Jensen safe in my heart than be reprogrammed and have him taken away from me.”

Jared nodded, “Very well. You have made your choice.”

Jared walked towards Jeff and put his hands on the other Angel’s shoulders. Jeff suddenly went cold then a searing agony swept over him as his wings burned with an icy fire. Then as quickly as the pain came it was gone and Jeff knew he was human, he opened his eyes and the world around him seemed dimmer and sound was more muffled.

Jeff looked up at his Commander; there was sorrow and pride in Jared’s eyes as he pulled Jeff into a fierce embrace and whispered. “You had the courage to do what I could not, you drove the Reapers away from the one you love. I am so proud of you, I wish you and Jensen a long and happy life together.”  Jared let go of him and stepped back, he looked at Jensen and said, “Take care of Jeff, he’ll need your strength to help him through this.” Then he was gone, leaving Jeff and Jensen alone.

Jeff took an unsteady step forward and his knees buckled as Jensen ran to him. Jensen grabbed Jeff’s arms and tried to slow his descent but they both ended up on the floor. Jensen lay holding Jeff’s trembling body close as he whispered, “It’s alright, I’m here I’m not going to let go of you.”

As Jared stood in his office watching the two men as they lay together, he felt a presence behind him, “Is there anything I can help you with, Osric?”

Osric stood by Jared as Jensen helped Jeff to his feet, “Should I inform Thaddeus of this development, Commander?”

Jared sighed, “No, I’ll inform the master of discipline that one of our rank has fallen.”
“You know what he’ll demand, don’t you.” Osric said sadly.

Jared nodded, he knew Thaddeus would demand the Reapers be despatched and finish their job of reaping Jensen. It was the true cost of an Angel becoming human, to lose the object of their desire, condemning them to a long and lonely life on earth. Jared was determined that wasn’t going to happen to Jeff and then he smiled - he’d just had an idea.

“Before I speak to Thaddeus, I have a little errand to run, I won’t be long.”

“Where are you going, Commander?”

Jared’s robes shimmered and changed leaving him in jeans and a warm winter coat, “I’m just going to Chicago, there’s a Pizzeria there that makes the best deep crust Pizza in the world.”

“Pizza at a time like this?” Osric exclaimed.

“I have a meeting with an old friend of mine and it never hurts to have his favourite Pizza on hand.” Jared smiled brightly as he disappeared. Death owed him a favour it was time to collect.


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BeeLikeJ: ReverseBang!beelikej on November 10th, 2018 07:24 pm (UTC)
Jeff standing up to Chris, ha!

I'm getting all wobbly from the hints of Jensen's time being up:(

Mmm, Salted Caramel Brownie Hot Chocolate, sounds delish.

Now.... KISSSSS.

Oh no, oh no, oh no.

Okay, this is where I got too many emotions to keep notes; a whirlwind rollercoaster, woah! Jeff protecting Jensen with his wings, the big reveal, the bleeding and the realisation of what's gonna happen now, *sniffles*. Feelings, so many FEEELINGS.

Jensen, asking the important questions <3 Jeff giving the only right answer <3<3

Wow, Jared. A great Commander with a plan:)

Oooh, epilogue!