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Title: Goal!
Word Count: 1910
Summary:  When Jensen and the crew play football, Jensen discovers the true meaning of football (soccer) supporter.
Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: J2
Disclaimer:  Sadly these gorgeous men are not mine, I have reached a deal with the crossroads demon, I bring him a fic he likes and I get to keep em!  So with that in mind here we go again.  Mind you this did make him smile, perhaps I’m getting closer to my goal.
Notes:   As always many thanks go tobigj52  my truly awesome beta. After seeing the pictures of Jensen playing soccer like that,  I should have been composing odes extolling the beauty of a short wearing shirtless Jensen.That’s what  I should have written instead I wrote this.



“Cut! And that’s a wrap. We need to set up for Jensen’s shots, so be back in twenty.”  Charles called out to Jared and the crew after they had just finished a scene with Sam and the Monster of the Week.

Jared looked round. He was going over to Kraft services. As he walked off set, he spotted one of the PA’s “Hey Barbara, have you seen Jensen? I was wondering if he wanted something to eat.”

“He’s outside, playing soccer with the crew. I was just going to fetch him to get ready for his scene.”  Barbara had a big smile on her face.  Jared looked quizzically at her; Jensen playing soccer shouldn’t cause that much excitement.

“How about I go and get him? I’m heading that way.”  Barbara’s smile dimmed slightly and she turned to walk away, “Barbara, want to come with me? I didn’t realize Jensen’s sporting skills were so interesting.”

Jared flung his arm round the PA’s shoulders and walked her outside, towards where he knew the crew would be playing.  He could see that Barbara was blushing furiously so he was puzzled. It wasn’t as if was a new thing, Jared had put his arm round her before. They walked in silence and Jared spotted the soccer match in full swing.

He stopped and understood what all the excitement was about. The soccer kit consisted of ‘shirts versus skins’, and Jensen was on the ‘skins’ side.  Jared watched the lithe figure of Jensen as he dribbled the ball past a crew member; Jared’s mouth watered slightly at all the skin on display.  

Jared tilted his head to one side, enjoying the game; he glanced down, watching Barbara with amusement as she followed Jensen all over the pitch with her eyes.  Jared grinned; there was the glimmer of an idea forming in his mind. They walked a little closer. He bent down to whisper to the mesmerized PA.  “Do you think Jensen is looking a little chunky?  Should I put him on a diet, get him to exercise more? Cut out his coffee?”

Barbara stopped staring, tilted her head back and looked at Jared as he if he’d just grown another head, “Oh no, you don’t!  You leave him alone, he’s gorgeous. Now that’s the kind of body I’d kill to wake up next to. And for the love of God, leave his coffee intake alone.”  She froze, realizing the person she would have to kill had his arm around her, was at least a foot taller and wider and could probably break her in half and use her for a toothpick.

Jared was grinning; he winked “I tell you what. That makes two of us with that opinion and by the looks of it there may be a few others.”  Jared was scanning the ‘crowd’ - the make-up girls where there, so were most of Kraft services and at least two other gay crew members that Jared knew too. There suddenly seemed to be an increased appreciation for the ‘beautiful game’ as it was known.

Jared leaned even closer and whispered some more to Barbara. Her face lit up and she ran over to where the crowd stood watching. While he waited to see how his idea would be received he continued to watch Jensen.  From where he stood he had a clear view and as long as he remained still there was no reason for the players to spot him.

Play had halted and several of the players grabbed bottles of water.  One of them threw a bottle to Jensen who opened it and took a drink. Jared watched as Jensen tilted his head back and poured the water into his mouth.  Some of the water splashed down onto his torso, making his skin glisten with moisture.   Jared licked his lips, imagining himself licking those same drops off Jensen.  Jared loved Jensen’s body; it might not have been as well muscled or defined as his own but Jensen had an athletic build and Jared loved the feel of muscle under his fingers when they explored. He was also enjoying how low Jensen’s shorts were. They had slipped down, clinging to his hips, giving a tantalizing glimpse of the downy trail of hair that began just under his navel.  Jared clenched his fists wanting nothing more than to be able grip those hips and trace his thumbs over the curve of muscle there.

 Jensen was breathing heavily. When the crew played soccer there was no quarter given, and the short water break was soon over.  They kicked off again, Jensen chasing the ball. One well-timed tackle saw him turn, racing back towards the goal.

 This was the chance Jared had been waiting for. While everyone’s attention was on the game he strolled slowly over to the group of grinning women who stood waiting for him.  Once he reached them, he crouched down and they quickly went to work, giggling as they went.

Play continued with several attempts made on goal by Jensen’s side, the ball ricocheting back and forth as it was passed.  Finally the ball fell to Jensen. He was just preparing to strike the ball and ‘bend it like Beckham’ when something caught his eye.

Jensen mis-kicked the ball, his momentum spinning him so he faced the side of the pitch where the most extraordinary sight greeted him.  There stood Jared, hands on hips, holding two Pom-poms, or a couple of T-shirts bunched up to be used as pom-poms.  He was pouting at Jensen; his lips outlined in a cupid’s bow with bright-red lipstick, blowing kisses at Jensen.  To complete the image the girls had put Jared’s hair into two bunches sticking out from either side of his head.

 Once Jared had Jensen’s full attention he took his hands off his hips and started to bounce up and down, waving his arms frantically.  Then in a falsetto voice “Jensen, Jensen, JENSEN!!!.”  Jared then proceeded to skip along the touchline; he skipped back and stopped in front of the dumbstruck man.

Jared struck another pose, the Pom-poms held high above his head. With a mischievous glint in his eye he started to chant and was backed up by the crowd.

 “Give me a ‘J’” still in the ear-splitting falsetto

“J” Was the response given with gusto.

“Give me an ‘E’” Jared was now leaping up and down

 “E” There was the sound of several camera phones clicking.

 “Give me an oooohhh!”  Jared winced as the ball struck Jensen hard on the back of his head with enough force to cause him to drop him to his knees.  While Jared had been giving his all as a cheerleader the match had continued, the other players blissfully ignorant of what was happening.  When Jensen had mis-kicked the ball, one of his team mates had given chase, trapped the ball and kicked it back towards Jensen like a rocket.

The ball hit Jensen, bounced off his head and shot straight past the goalkeeper.  When the ball struck him, Jared saw Jensen’s eyes cross with shock as he dropped to his knees.  The minute the ball crossed the goal line, all Jensen’s teammates celebrated.  As they ran towards him they spotted Jared and came to a halt, staring open mouthed.

Jared placed one hand on his hip, patted his hair with the other and walked onto the pitch an exaggerated swing to his hips.  He stood in front of Jensen who tried to shuffle back to his knees. Before he knew what was happening, Jared bent down and hauled him to his feet.  Jensen squeaked as Jared pulled him to his chest while he simpered, “Oh, my hero! You scored a goal.”  Jared let Jensen go and Jensen staggered back, thinking he’d escaped.  The next thing he knew Jared had launched himself at him, cupping his face in his hands and then peppering Jensen in lipstick covered kisses, finally planting a big kiss right on Jensen’s mouth. 

 Jensen flailed under the onslaught of the world’s first cheerleading Sasquatch. Jared held onto to his elbow while Jensen managed to get his balance back.  Jared grinned round at the crew, blowing kisses to the other players.  “I hate to have to steal your star player but he’s needed back on set and I have to get him looking pretty for the cameras.”  Jared pulled the dazed Jensen forward and walked towards the ladies, pausing in front of them.   Gina from make-up handed him Jensen’s T-shirt and then she reached up and took the bunches out of his hair.

 “Ladies, may I thank you for your invaluable help, and now it’s time to return Jensen to his trailer and make sure he is pretty enough to film. If we’re not back in two hours send Jim in.”  With that, he waved goodbye and gently pushed Jensen forward.

As they walked, Jared wiped his mouth with the back of his hand to clean off the lipstick.  Jensen turned back and smirked at him, “You know Gina will give you Hell for ruining your make-up and hair like that.”

 “Are you kidding? She was the one who applied the lipstick. By the way you have a little on your...” Then Jared pointed to his own face and made a circular motion to indicate that Jensen was absolutely covered in it.

Jensen snatched his T-shirt from round his neck where Jared had draped it and vigorously attempted to wipe the bright-red lipstick off his face; all it did was smear it more and made Jensen look as if he were suffering from terminal embarrassment. At that moment in time this happened to be pretty close to the truth, 

Jared smiled and kept walking towards Jensen’s trailer, slipping his arm round Jensen’s shoulders. He whispered conspiratorially, “Damn! You were hot out there, and those shorts cling in all the right places.  Seriously, you should see your ass in them.”

“Jay, if I could do that, Sera would have me playing a demon.” Jensen responded.

They arrived at Jensen’s trailer. Jared allowed Jensen to go first, for one final look at his ass in those shorts. After all, he wouldn’t be wearing them much longer.  Jensen opened the door and climbed the steps; Jared paused and looked round carefully.

Satisfied there was no one else there, Jared stepped up close behind Jensen. He reached forward and put his hands on Jensen’s hips causing the other man to stop, then Jared leant forward, and licked a stripe the length of Jensen’s back, beginning at the waist band of the shorts. As he got higher Jared stepped closer, stepping on one of the trailer steps to help him complete what he started. He finished at the top of Jensen’s spine, placing a soft kiss on the back on Jensen’s neck and then giving a playful bite there.

“Hey! What are you doing?”  Jensen asked, as he felt himself being pushed further into the trailer, away from prying eyes.

 Jared climbed the remaining steps and pulled Jensen against his chest. “I thought we could celebrate your goal in style,” his voice a breathy growl, causing Jensen to shiver and goose bumps to rise on his skin. Jared reached behind him and pulled the door closed.  There was the unmistakeable snick of the lock being engaged, followed quickly by the sound of muffled laughter.  Then a loud moan and the sound of something thudding against the wall of the trailer.

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