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I 've been to see Captain Marvel today and it was awesome! I think it should become required viewing for all little girls, it should a strong self assured woman who wasn't afraid to be vulnerable and has a great sense of humour. What I really liked was they didn't shoe horn a romantice sub plot into the film, you know the one were the heroine needs the love of a good man to spur her onto greater heights and become he heroine she's meant to be, I'm looking at you Wonder Woman!

I loved Brie Larson's performance as Carol Danvers, strong, confident, sassy and happy to trade one liners with Samuel L Jackson and she really looked like she knew how to kick ass! There was one little scene stealer and his name was Goose and he got some of the biggest laughs *G*

It was a brilliant film  and it set up not only Avengers Endgame but the whole MCU! And there was a really sweet tribute to Stan Lee that brought a lump to the throat and a monage later on that did the same,

So if you have a couple of hours to spar I heartily recommend going to see Captain Marvel, now roll on Endgame! I'm allready stocking up on tissues, chocolate and booze for the aftermath.

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