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Somebody pinch me!

So there I was minding my own business, when earlier today I saw that Jensen was going to be at Asylum 7 in Germany. And I thought to myself, you lucky, luck sods and then I thought I wonder if he would be at Asylum 6 after all Jim and Mark did both of them this year...naaawww it will be on his wedding anniversary.

So on a whim I clicked onto the Rogue events webb site (I do miss the comm) and....and...what do I see *whimper* first guest confirmed....JENSEN!  bloody Jensen! oh my god I still haven't got over the last time when I bonded with his left kneecap. 

So I tried to leap up in the air, a tad difficult due to two things, my lap top was balanced on said lap and I have knackered my back! so I bounced..squeaked...went cross eyed and my long suffering other half had to wait until I could speak English to find out what the hell had happened.

He rolled his eyes, shook his head and muttered "well thank god you already brought a ticket then! are you going to be like this until next May then?" and went back to watching Soccer Saturday on Sky.

Now I'm going to wait to see if it's real and not some figment of my overheated imagination, I've been back on the rogue site 4 times already, and it;s still there! so fingers crossed this is for real.

So what if I'm acting like a teenager with a crush? I refuse to grow up I'm having way too much fun! and having enjoyed meeting everyone at this year's Asylum.  Jensen being there next year and meeting up with everyone again is just the icing on the cake.
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