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A Question Concerning Fic Etiquitte!

Good afternoon those brave souls who are on my F*list, I have a question for you.  After a long time and much gibbering I have decided that at some point in the distant future I want to try my hand at a 'proper' case fic, when I say proper actually set in the SPN universe.  In other words Sam and Dean not Jared and Jensen, now before you all run screaming for cover it could be months, years or even never!

Right the question is this, I have several plots in my overcrowded bonce already, but many, many moons ago I read a Magnificent 7 fic set in the old west, and the plot of said fic just screamed Supernatural.  Now I want to re-work the story in my own way, so I don't want to go back and find it, simply because if I read it I'm scared it will be a straight copy.  And I don't want to do that to another author, how would I go about this, do I credit where I read it? or even the author's name if I remember it, or better yet try and contact them. I really just don't want to tread on someone's toes, but honestly the story is pure Sam and Dean and I would love to attempt it.

So if a kind soul could help me out it would be very appreciated.
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