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It's Been A Hell Of A Week

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters long time no speak, it's been a hell of a year what with the pandemic, Trump acting even more like a truculent toddler than usual and of course the end of an era as our beloved show came to an end.

I can’t believe it’s been a week since the Supernatural finale, I’m still trying to come to terms with it. From the joy of seeing the boys enjoying domestic bliss along with Miracle to the heart-rending scene in the barn (I’m not too sure if I’ll ever be able to revisit that scene, but time will tell.)Then watching Sam try to live a life without the other half of his soul, as Dean traversed the roads of heaven waiting for his baby brother. It was a beautiful, tragic, and ultimately uplifting ending to their story when they reunited in heaven. I won’t lie there were very ugly tears and yes, I raged it was unfair that Dean died so young but as painful as it was, I know it was their choice to carry on hunting. Nobody was pulling their strings and Dean went out saving people hunting things like he always thought he would, and Sam got to have the life his big brother always wanted for him.

 I felt even more bereft today, I think it finally hit there’ll be no more new episodes and all we have left are memories of the boys. But what memories! The Winchesters may have passed into legend, they will live on in our hearts, in our stories, and in this wonderfully weird family, we have made for ourselves.

So, as I smile through the tears, I will treasure every moment we shared with Sam and Dean and know that as long as we are here together, they will never really die.
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