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A Tragic Waste

I've been thinking about posting here again, but I always feel as if my life isn't exciting enough. I go to work, come home walk Sky and then sit and watch TV with the family, or maybe I'll try and do a little writing or some cross-stitch. So I'm not exactly the life and soul of social media, and then something happens and you begin to rrealize perhaps you're luckier than you realize.

At lunchtime today, I needed to get a little shopping and decided to walk into town, as I made my way towards the town centre I noticed the ring road was getting busy. I didn't think too much of it and then I saw the first police car, at first I thought it was a traffic accident, then I saw the ambulance and police van and finally, I spotted the sheet-covered body lying on the road. According to the news report in the local paper, the incident happened around half-past twelve, I have the feeling we're looking at another suicide from the bridge.

If that is the case it's a tragedy, to feel so devoid of hope that ending your life is the only option. I also feel for the drivers travelling along the road when it happened, it must've been horrifying.

Now more than ever we need to reach out to one another, make sure we're doing alright, offer any support we can. So I hope you're all alright and I hope to see you here a little more often.

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