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State of The Dragon

Hello there! once again I'm flying without a beta so just remember punctuation happens to other people LOL!

In all the excitement of the past year I've realized I haven't caught you up on what's been happening with me and the tribe. To be fair like a lot of people, lock down meant we didn't go too far, from March until July I was working from home using an ironing board for a desk!

Steve was still in work (Well you can't load A lorry from home) and in July I returned to my little shoe box of an office and I've there ever since! The boss kept us open, we do have are a couple of people on furlough but the rest of us are in work. Well, there are only four in the office, plus Mark in the warehouse. The boss has his own office, I’m on my own and the sales men have a socially distance office.

We did manage a caravan holiday in August, and I was a gibbering wreck! If anyone came close to us, I was ready to start sprinting in the opposite direction, as I pushed mum around in her wheelchair. All I'd have needed was blades attached to the wheels and some wode for mum and it would've been Boudica rides again! We made it through the holiday in one piece... except a certain dog who shall remain nameless, managed to eat something that upset her stomach. Another eye watering vet bill later and everything was ok.

We returned home refreshed and ready to return to the fray and then the universe threw us a curve ball. On the Sunday we got back Steve developed a migraine, at first, we thought it was just the long drive back. Then he got the sweats and developed a fever. To cut a very long story short his doctor diagnosed a virus (no not that one) but he also developed another problem at the same time.

The poor bugger could barely move. All his joints were stiff and he was in agony, after much toing and froing to the hospital and a frustrating wait for a diagnosis (it took until December) we finally had a name for his problem. It was something called Polymyalgia rheumatica one course of steroids later and Steve was back at work. Fortunately, his boss had put him on furlough for the five months he was off, so at least we didn't have to worry about him being on sick pay.

So that's the state of play at the moment, everyone is doing ok, mum had her first Covid jab in February and she'll have the second one in April. Steve had his first jab this week and his next one is May, that just leaves me and hopefully I'll be getting my letter soon.
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