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So I Signed Up For This Reverse Big Bang Thingy!

There I was minding my own business when I heard about this challenge and I thought...ooooohhhh sounds like fun I think I'll have a go.  Fun...bloody fun!!! of all the art I have to pick on who do I go for? only hay1ock !  I lover her writing and her Jensen angst, so you now what's happened now?

Yes that's right my bloody muse is hiding under the bed whimpering softly and rocking.  At H suggestion I tried a can of cider, I think the black eye should go down in a couple of days.  Then I tried a glass of red wine, thank god I held onto it I like our bedroom carpet.  I tried chocolate and all I got was a gremlin impersonation, the chocolate was snatched, scoffed and faint noises that sounded like "Yum-yum" was heard.

But did my muse come out to play? like hell the little bugger did, I tried soothing music (Judas Priest, Disturbed and Iron Maiden, well it calms me down) nothing, perhaps I should try Christian Kane next time.

Finally in desperation I played it some Supernatural episodes, and for a few seconds it appeared from under the covers, saw me squeaked and buggered off back under the bed.  As a last resort I showed it my Asylum pictures with me and the guys, that resulted in a tug of war and my precious frame photos have now joined the muse.

So next time I have the bright idea of trying something like this you my f*list have my permission to remind me of this moment, it has even come to the point where I'm considering upping sticks and going in search of the Glee fandom to hide out!....ooohhh hang on Sam, Dean hunting Fugly at the school....Dean bursting into Eye Of The Tigger.... No....No...God damnit! not now of all the bloody times for my muse to make a reappearance.....I wonder if hay1ock will mind me changing the story a little *G*
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