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Drive By Posting. Reverse Big Bang Ramble!

Just in case you think I have left the building this is just a little post to wave and say hi!  I promise to catch up with all the posts that are sitting in my in box.  I seem to be a little preoccupied with this little fic I'm writing (I can see Hayley laughing and pointing now), so I have written over 11000 words and Im still going.  Oh dear god what have I done! I have to keep reminding myself I have a deadline, I have an artist to keep happy and I have the slight pressure of said artist being very popular amongst the fan girls,  so no pressure then.

I really must send the next chapter off to her, to see if I'm still going along the right track, like I said I promise to catch up with all your posts and reply to comments, as soon as possible.  I would say normal service will be resumed, but hell me and normal have only a nodding acquaintance with one another.  Please bear with me while I gibber in a corner, and me and my muse are actually talking to one another, sadly not about the same fic but we are talking
Tags: ramblings, reverse big bang

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